I used to believe that the term “fascist pig” was a cliché and a bygone part of the hippie era lexicon but now it is apparent that Chris Christie is the modern personification of it. The Sopranos state Governor today floated the trial balloon that a sitting United States Senator – and political foe – be forced to stand before a government tribunal for actually defending the Constitution. Ironic that such a thing can be said less than 48 hours after Independence day but that is a contradiction that seems to have largely gone unnoticed by most here in the banana republic of Obamastan.

Still tipsy from the adoration showered on him at that weekend slumber party at Mitt Romney’s vacation home the bloated Christie went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and called for Rand Paul to be brought up before Congress because he opposed the unconstitutional mass surveillance of millions of Americans. The surveillance or bulk phone metadata collection was ruled to be “illegal” by a federal appeals court but was recently renewed by Obama’s top secret surveillance court. Christie would fit in very nicely as one of the authoritarian apparatchik in a totalitarian state but this takes it to another level.

According to The Wall Street Journal in the story “Chris Christie: If U.S. Hit By Terror Attack, Haul Rand Paul Before Congress”:

Gov. Chris Christie on Monday escalated his criticism of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over his stance against the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone call records, saying his rival for the Republican presidential nomination should be forced to testify before Congress if the U.S. suffers a terrorist attack.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Monday morning, Mr. Christie said that Mr. Paul’s opposition to the NSA’s metadata program had made the U.S. “weaker and more vulnerable.”

“He should be in hearings in front of Congress if there’s another attack, not the director of the FBI or the director of the CIA,” said Mr. Christie, a former U.S. Attorney who launched his presidential campaign last week.

Mr. Christie also said that Mr. Paul’s fundraising off his opposition to the NSA program was “disgraceful.” Mr. Paul has frequently put up messages against “NSA spying” on his campaign website.

Mr. Christie has attacked Mr. Paul on the NSA repeatedly this year, at one point comparing him to Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor whose large leak of secret agency documents touched off debate in Washington over the phone data program.

Mr. Paul has made his opposition to government surveillance one of his top political issues. Mr. Paul argues the surveillance invades personal privacy and is an affront to civil liberties. He was a vocal supporter of a bill that passed the Senate 67-32 last month that curbed the NSA’s bulk phone data collection program. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law.

A spokesman for Mr. Paul’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Mr. Christie was set to appear on three national TV morning shows Monday.

The WSJ mentions Christie’s past gig as a U.S. Attorney but shouldn’t such officials be bound by a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution? Christie’s big triumph was the massively overhyped bust of a bunch of hapless Muslim morons labeled as the “Fort Dix Six” who were entrapped. The case was ludicrous from the start with the plot supposedly being that the losers would dress up as pizza delivery drivers and take on hundreds if not thousands of heavily armed soldiers on a highly secured military installation – you just can’t make shit like that up or maybe, if you are Chris Christie – you can. The website The Intercept chronicles how Gov., Christie, who was the prosecutor at the time relied on shoddy evidence and entrapment to get a national springboard for a gubernatorial run in the piece entitled “Christie’s Conspiracy”.

But back to Christie’s ranting about Paul being blamed for a “terrorist” attack which is such a grossly stupid and arrogant statement that it could have come flying out of the mustachioed pie hole of Joseph Stalin himself. But that is exactly who Chris Christie is, an incompetent, corrupt, bullying fascist who worships big government and seeks to use it as a bludgeon against his political enemies. This guy would make Obama look like a piker if he manages to get elected president which thank God is a really, really long shot.

We are really on the edge of crossing the Rubicon in America where a top presidential candidate  -who is practically being blown by the lamestream media – can get away with such insane threats and innuendo. Rand Paul would be treated like one of the poor schmucks who were rounded up by the NKVD, trotted out for a show trial before a kangaroo court and then sentenced to katorga in the gulags. That is what Chris Christie’s vision of America is.

Chris Christie believes that political dissent should be outright criminalized, his strident defense of the USA PATRIOT Act and prior statements confirm it. Why the squealing porker isn’t ever called on his anti-American horseshit shows just how far down the rabbit hole that we have all been dragged by the rogue government since 9/11. While Christie has little chance of winning the GOP nomination he may make an alluring pick for Attorney General under a “Jeb!” regime.