Perhaps one of stupidest wastes of time and money in the drive for the imposition of political correctness on the American people has been the ongoing crusade by liberal activists to force the NFL’s Washington Redskins to change names. The nickname has been howled about as being offensive to Native Americans and worthless Democrats like Senator Maria Cantwell – who is so damned ugly that her face belongs on a totem pole – have been using the silliness to score cheap political points. Today there will be much glee with thin-skinned, holier than thou liberal snobs because a federal judge has officially thrown the Skins for a loss by ruling to cancel the registration for the team’s trademark.

As USA Today reports in the story “Redskins trademark ordered canceled by federal judge”:

The Washington NFL team lost in court Wednesday when a federal judge ordered the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to schedule cancellation of six federal trademark registrations owned by the club, ruling that the team’s name — “Redskins” — was disparaging to a substantial composite of Native Americans when the marks were originally granted.

U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee emphasized that the team remains free to use the name as it chooses and that the ruling means only that the team loses the specific legal protections of its federal registrations, which remain in effect until all potential appeals in the case are heard.

Lee’s ruling affirms the findings of the patent office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which last year ruled in favor of Amanda Blackhorse and four other Native Americans who sought cancellation of the registrations. The team had sued in district court to overturn that ruling.

“This is total victory for us,” attorney Jesse Witten told USA TODAY Sports. “My clients are extremely happy. They have waited a very long time for this.”

The team will appeal the ruling but it will probably be awhile until that actually works its way through the courts. In the meantime the thought police will be on the move like the famous Vince Lombardi era Green Bay Packers power sweep that chewed up opposing defenses. I suppose that the nickname is probably somewhat offensive to actual Native Americans although a far greater harm was imposed on their ancestors who were rounded up and kicked off their land or murdered by the federal government under the umbrella of Manifest Destiny. But that is for them to say, as a middle-aged American white guy I don’t have a dog in that particular fight. What really is sickening to me though is to see how the Democrats are able to leech onto this like the pack of cowardly, blood-sucking parasites that they are.

The hypocrisy is also present as it always is in Obamastan. Hell, it’s not like the team just rolled out with a new nickname just for the sake of fanning the flames of bigotry. The Redskins have been the Redskins since before the team even relocated to the nation’s capital city way back in 1937. They were previously the Boston Redskins from the day of the team’s inception in 1932. But that matters nothing to the legal eagles who are out for scalps. Also where is the outrage over the nicknames of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves and every other team that features a Native American name or image as their icon. I also believe that one of the most bigoted of nicknames in all of sportsdom is that of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish but I don’t see liberals decrying the stereotyping of Irish Americans as drunken brawlers.

The political correctness Nazis may have won the day today but their larger cause totally sucks and the endgame of telling people how to speak and think is pretty damned un-American as well.