Iconoclastic billionaire and leader of the Republican presidential field Donald Trump has been vilified by the entire mainstream media, a good portion of the blogosphere and nearly all of the opponents who he is leading after his remarks on the “war hero” status of crazy old John McCain. During an appearance in Iowa on Saturday, Trump spouted off something along the lines that McCain was undeserving of the national reverence showered upon him because he was shot down over Vietnam before landing in the notorious Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war where he was tortured.

For weeks the rest of the GOP field has tried to ignore the Donald and walk a fine line between calling him out for his controversial comments on criminal aliens – which Hispanic activist groups demanded – and not alienating corporate donors who depend on those wetbacks and scratchbacks to drive down American wages. Trump was immediately savaged by those who are trailing him in the polls like a pack of starved feral dogs and there have been calls for him to publicly kiss McCain’s ass as well as to withdraw from the race. Trump, in his typical style is extending a big middle finger to his critics and continuing to benefit from weeks of free media coverage that would cost other candidates millions of dollars.

Trump appeared via telephone on the Sunday morning McNews masturbation circuit where he told a stunned Martha Raddatz of ABC’s This Week that he would not be withdrawing nor issuing an apology to McCain. The media darling Senator from Arizona has proven time and again to be a man with very thin skin for all of the shit that he throws around at others because the corrupt media always has his back.

The fact of the matter is that old blood and guts was the instigator of this fracas when he insulted all of the people who showed up to hear Trump give a speech in Phoenix last week as “crazies” and then went to the New Yorker to whine when the Donald returned fire. McCain has been given a free pass his entire career because of his wartime experience. While the man should be given credit for enduring years of living hell in a POW torture camp he shouldn’t have special rules that apply to him when it comes to politics. Whatever else he may be John McCain isn’t stupid and he has been milking this stuff for a long, long time now because he knows that by doing so he will never be called on his bullshit.

As reported by The Guardian in the story “Donald Trump refuses to apologize for ‘absolutely fine’ attack on John McCain”:

Donald Trump on Sunday stood by incendiary remarks in which he mocked Senator John McCain over his capture during the Vietnam war, refusing to bow to a chorus of criticism from Republicans and insisting he has no plans to pull out of the party’s presidential nomination contest.

The outspoken business mogul, who leads a crowded field of Republican presidential contenders in several recent polls, sparked widespread condemnation on Saturday after declaring in Iowa that McCain, who was tortured during more than five years as a prisoner of war, was “not a war hero”.

Less than 24 hours later, after a furious and virtually unified response from his rivals, Trump insisted that his comments about McCain were “absolutely fine”. He argued he was the victim of a controversy stoked by the press and Republican adversaries envious of his surge in popularity.

In his first media appearance since the comments, which he made at a gathering of social conservatives in Ames, Iowa, Trump was asked on ABC if he would apologise.

“No, not at all,” he replied. “When I left the room it was a total standing ovation, it was wonderful to see, nobody was insulted.”

The remarks appear to have marked a turning point in the Republican race, prompting the party establishment, which previously resisted condemning Trump’s offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants, to finally come out against the billionaire TV celebrity en masse.

Trump, in return, was defiant.

“I will say what I want to say,” he told ABC. “And maybe that’s why I am leading in the polls. Because people are tired of hearing politicians, and pollsters telling the politicians exactly what to say.”

During the 10-minute interview, conducted over the phone, the billionaire property developer did appear to waver a little, saying his remarks about McCain had somehow been misconstrued.

But he repeatedly sought to focus attention back on McCain, who angered Trump earlier in the week by labelling attendees at one of the billionaire’s rallies the previous week as “crazies”.

“This all started when we had thousands and thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona,” Trump said. “He [McCain] called them crazies. Frankly, I think he owes them an apology.”

The media and the establishment can pound away at Trump till the cows come home but be forewarned that this guy feeds upon all of the negative attention, he eats outrage and spits it back into your face with contempt. He will absorb all of the attacks and abuse and then unleash a withering burst of Godzilla like atomic breath guaranteed to fry those who attacked him. That is what he is doing now in what is more of a ginned up fake controversy that is designed to mount a demonization and smear campaign against him as if he were Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un.

The denunciations will continue throughout the week but the entire time Trump’s name is going to continue to dominate the news cycle at the expense of other Republican candidates. This could end up backfiring big time on the yappy ankle-biters bringing up the rear of the pack if not on the GOP itself if Trump decides to take his substantial base of supporters and run as an independent.