Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Charles Haley has caused a stir for comments in which he told San Francisco 49er rookie players to “act like the white guys”. Haley, who is the only player in NFL history to have won five Super Bowl rings is the latest target of the political correctness police for comments that while being damned good advice have raised the hackles of those who are unable to see anything that is not tinged with hidden racism.

As reported by the website CBS Sports in the story “Charles Haley told 49ers rookies in May to ‘Act like the white guys’”:

Charles Haley is the only player in NFL history who’s been a part of five Super Bowl winning teams, so it was no surprise in May when one of those teams, the 49ers, asked him to speak to their rookies.

What might come as a surprise to some people though is what Haley said to those 49ers rookies.

“As far as the rookies, and I know they probably got mad, but I said, ‘Why don’t you all act like the white guys? You never see them in the paper getting high or hitting people,” Haley said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “‘Why don’t you act like that?’ They all looked at me crazy.”

The 51-year-old Haley wasn’t necessarily trying to be controversial with his comments, he was just trying to get the attention of a bunch rookies — Something that’s much easier said then done in this age of cell phones, Twitter and Instagram.

“I just did it for the shock value of it,” Haley said. “The hardest thing is these guys, they have an attention span of a 5-year-old. I’m not the most gentle and kind person to sit there and deal with that crap. I’m a little more confrontational. I think I got my point across.”

Saying something controversial is definitely one way to get your point across, although I have to think that flashing all five Super Bowl rings might have done the trick for Haley, too.

Haley’s main point during the speech was that younger players should find someone to look up to.

Calls will inevitably soon be coming for Haley to back away from his sound advice and issue a retraction and apology rather than have the NFL’s big kick off event, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony be tainted with the pall of racial animus. The greater Canton area, were where the Hall of Fame game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings is to be played in a few weeks will be ground zero for activists and Black Lives Matter is probably already organizing caravans to Ohio. Interestingly, Haley’s fellow HOF honoree, formers Steelers running back Jerome “the Bus” Bettis could have really benefitted from acting like the “white guys” as he has admitted that he “sold drugs” and “shot at people” while growing up. Bettis was however able to overcome his past to have an enormously successful career which he will be honored for by the NFL.

Haley also seems to have matured from his playing days where he was notorious for his uncontrollable nature as well as his hot temper. The Charles Haley stories are legendary, none more so than during his days with the Dallas Cowboys during their 1990’s dynasty years where he was part of a colorful locker room including Deion Sanders, Nate Newton and Michael “the coke machine” Irvin. Writer Jeff Pearlman told some classic Haley stories on the bad boys of Texas in his 2008 book “Boys Will Be Boys” including the big man’s fascination with his own colossal penis. Referring to himself as “the last naked warrior”, he was quite fond of actually whipping it out and playing with it during team meetings as Pearlman tells it.

The outlandishness truly took shape in the lead-up to the 1992 season, when Jones orchestrated a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to bring Haley to Dallas. Haley was famous among his peers for being, in layman’s terms, nuts. Certainly he was socially awkward and unflinchingly vicious. Though prescribed medication to treat manic depression, he took the pills one day, then skipped them for the next two or three.

It started with his penis. On his first day as a Cowboy, Haley arrived in the conference room for a film session dressed only in a towel. “The next thing you know, Charles is lying naked on the floor in front of the screen, entertaining himself,” says Tony Casillas, a team-mate. “Hand on his penis, back and forth.”

When Butch Davis, a defensive coach, saw what was happening, he stopped the projector. “Haley!” he yelled. “Get your fuckin’ clothes on and don’t come back in until you’re dressed.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will likely come down hard on Haley’s comments as well. The last thing that he needs is another controversy as the new season kicks off after a difficult 2014 marred by a spate of domestic violence incidents and other scandals. He is already going to be raked over the coals over the upcoming Tom Brady suspension which is a lose-lose situation for Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s really good buddy. Look for Haley to be forced to walk back his comments very soon in yet the latest example of how freedom of speech is a thing of the past in the banana republic of Obamastan.