When it comes to Sunday morning television McNews shows, Senator Lindsey Graham is the cock of the walk with his nearly weekly appearances. However, when it comes to the actual sentiments of American voters the Palmetto State princess doesn’t enjoy anything within miles of that sort of popularity. With Graham’s poll numbers hovering around a dismal one or two percent and him already out of the debates he should just pack it in now to spare himself further embarrassment and all of the rest of us from his nonsensical horseshit.

After all, it’s not as though the American people are clamoring for what Graham is selling and the polls have parked the man whose numbers are lower than whaleshit – which is on the bottom of the sea – on the sidelines. Graham, like the other also-ran GOP candidates are crying foul. As reported by The Hill in the story “Graham on missing debate: ‘It sucks’”:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), a long-shot Republican presidential candidate, voiced frustration Thursday with debate criteria that threatens to keep him off the stage in two weeks.

“It sucks,” Graham said while laughing during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Graham suggested that the Republican National Committee was not doing all it could to expand the debates, which are limited to the top 10 in an average of the five most recent national polls.

Graham is currently not among the top 10 GOP candidates in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

“I think, well, the RNC, they’re not helpless here. I mean, it is our party,” Graham said. “CNN and Fox have come up with a criteria to get into the debate that I think is silly.”

Graham suggested the debates were being chosen by those candidates with big name ID, such as businessman Donald Trump, and said he worried about the nominee selection.

“Let’s listen to people who have got a wide breadth of experience, including Donald Trump, and make an informed decision,” Graham said. “To the RNC, you’re not bound by this. You’re not helpless in this endeavor. You can say no if you like.”

The RNC announced nine sanctioned primary debates, the first hosted by Fox News on Aug. 6 in Ohio. The network has said it will hold a nationally televised forum earlier that day for those who don’t qualify. CNN has announced similar plans, holding a de facto second-tier debate the same night of its Sept. 16 debate.

Graham suggested that his poll numbers could bounce following a high-profile feud with Trump that culminated in the celebrity real estate mogul divulging Graham’s personal phone number during a televised speech. Graham shrugged off the incident by filming various methods to destroy a cellphone.

“If my numbers go up, it’s because I call Donald Trump a jackass. That’s not why I want a rise in polls,” Graham said on MSNBC. “The bottom line is, I think the criteria in July of 2015 makes no sense.”

Graham’s run for the White House has never really been a serious effort. He has admitted as much by comments that present himself as a foreign policy “expert” which is translated as a go to guy for the Pentagon and defense contractors that see Paul as a threat to their endless fleecing of taxpayers. While Senator Paul has disgusted many of those who saw in him a counter to the fascist surveillance state with his increasing amount of pandering and saber rattling, any idea that America doesn’t have to be at war with half the planet cannot ever be allowed to take root with the general public. Graham, the Robin to John McCain’s Batman is never going to be the actual nominee but he sure as hell can protect the sacred cows of what President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously tabbed as the Military Industrial Complex.

Graham’s planned interference with Rand Paul was thwarted when the insurgent, self-funded billionaire Donald Trump entered the race and immediately began rising to the top of the polls. The establishment, the corrupt media and the party bosses were aghast at Trump’s straight shooting style that appealed directly to the people and for the last month have treated him as though he were the head of the Islamist caliphate. It has been the strident Graham who has parlayed his media access into being a human talking point dispenser spewing anti-Trump smears. Whether calling Trump a “demagogue”, a “wrecking ball” and a “jackass”, accusing him of killing the Republican party over comments about criminal illegal aliens and most recently his wailing about the blasphemy about doddering old McCain’s war heroism, Graham has been the go to guy for the status quo.

But poor, unhinged Lindsey jumped the shark last week. Following that wonderful South Carolina stop where The Donald gave out Graham’s private cellphone number, the Senator has become positively unhinged. In a move that is so out of character he actually did a freaking video of him destroying his compromised cellphone that only served to further trivialize him. The best way for guys like Graham to contribute to the inability of the RNC and the networks to pack the huge amount of candidates onto the stage for future debates would be if he would just vamoose. He and six or so of the others should just do the right thing and withdraw from the race. But it’s always easier to just bitch and whine isn’t it?