Speaker of the House John Boehner is brushing off the latest challenge to his ‘leadership’ as though it were a fly on his collar but as always, the luminous orange drunkard is emotionally unstable. Facing a largely symbolic rebellion after North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows filed a “motion to vacate the chair”, Mr. Boehner is ready to get the hell out of imperial Washington for his latest five week vacation on the taxpayer dime. Boehner has flippantly dismissed Meadows as “an army of one” and can’t get out of D.C. fast enough for some golfing, juicing… and crying.

Boehner’s history of bizarre crying jags is a legend within the beltway and he is at it again. During an interview with the Golf Channel of all places, the sob sister who serves as Obama’s footstool broke down into tears. The Hill is reporting that “Boehner gets emotional in Golf Channel interview”:

Even golfing can be a tearjerker of a subject for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who’s known for frequently dispensing waterworks.

“I wanted to make sure that every kid had the same chance I did — an opportunity,” Boehner, with tears filling his eyes, says in a promotional spot for The Golf Channel show, “Feherty.”

Another clip from the program, which airs Aug. 3., shows Boehner telling host David Feherty about a photo of him and some companions that sits in his office, saying, “The three of us are talking about how easily we turn to tears.”

Boehner — who’s gotten misty-eyed at everything from State of the Union addresses to statue unveilings — said in a 2010 interview that he’s a “pretty emotional guy.”

Sure enough, the teaser for the interview – which will air next Monday – has Boehner turning on the waterworks in a glimpse at the deep seated emotional problems that have long gripped the man who is second in line in the presidential chain of succession. I used to think that it was all just an act too. The weeping just seemed to reek of cynicism of the worst sort and always reminded me of that scene in the movie “Used Cars” where Toby the dog plays along with one of the lot lizard scams by playing dead to generate guilt that would cause the mark to shell out money for the overpriced lemon that he would drive off the lot (the door fell off on the way out). As the Boehner show goes on, that scene has more relevance in that it is a perfect metaphor for the esteemed Mr. Speaker who is really just a glorified used car salesman who happened to hit it big.

Here’s a link to the official press release for the Boehner interview on the Golf Channel. He speaks fondly of his golfing buddy Barack who he never fails to cover for when the chips are down and he can stick it to conservatives. It airs on Monday if you have a strong stomach and some extra time on your hands.