Democrat propaganda organ MSNBC is making changes as it readies for the 2016 presidential race and the inevitable 24/7 marketing of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Mired in dismal ratings, the network is canceling several shows including that of blowhard Ed Schultz as it seeks to accommodate the glorious return of celebrity millionaire lyin’ Brian Williams. Schultz, who has never been more than a very poor man’s Rush Limbaugh without any of his wit, would have long ago worn out his welcome at a more reputable network after comments that often ventured into the territory of misogyny. For example, he was forced to apologize for calling conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham a “talk radio slut” a few years ago. The decision was long in the making and was formally announced this week.

According to the Associated Press (via Yahoo News) “Struggling MSNBC Cancels 3 Daytime Shows With Liberal Slant”:

MSNBC said Thursday that it is canceling three of its afternoon programs, part of a network-wide shift to a straight news focus during the daytime hours.

Hour-long programs hosted by Ed Schultz at 5 p.m. Eastern and Alex Wagner at 4 p.m. were both axed, as was “The Cycle,” a roundtable that aired at 3 p.m. with hosts Ari Melber, Toure, Abby Huntsman and Krystal Ball.

Schultz had the longest history at MSNBC. He was once a prime-time personality at the network and was relegated to weekends, then was brought back for a daily show. He’ll be leaving the network, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said.

Wagner will stay on at MSNBC as a political reporter, and Melber was named the network’s chief legal correspondent. Toure, Huntsman and Ball are leaving the network.

All of the shows featured a liberal perspective. Under new NBC News boss Andrew Lack, MSNBC will focus on news coverage during the day with opinionated shows in prime time as it struggles to reverse a ratings decline. Former “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams will join MSNBC as a breaking news anchor.

MSNBC said last week that “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd will get a daily show on the cable network at 5 p.m.

Schultz – who has claimed that he used to be a conservative – took his act to liberal media after failing to have what it took to break into the so-called right wing radio market and has been there ever since. He hit the jackpot by landing at MSNBC but with ratings in the crapper and the network unwilling to do a total revamp that would affect star hostess and horse-faced lesbian Rachel Maddow it was time to dump Schultz like the bursting at the seams sack of cow manure that he always has been.

Big Ed took it like a man too. He didn’t bother to show up for the final episode but did issue a recorded statement on his being told to take a hike.