The advanced state of decay that has gripped this once great country could never have been reached were it not for the dumbing down of America. It is beyond arguing that an essential element for a free, decent and moral society is a well-informed and somewhat educated populace but you may as well ask for pigs to sprout wings and fly in the banana republic of Obamastan. The corruption of nearly every one of our once great institutions as well as the idea that everything is about getting over for short term benefit are poor examples to the feeble minded masses of asses that outnumber us normal folks these days. As the old Greek proverb goes, “a fish rots from the head down” and a society without morality at the top will only produce a dismal array of miscreants, moochers, scumbags and thugs.

One such miscreant is Daniel Perry, a young man who was an employee of the State of Maryland where he drew a paycheck as a driving instructor. Mr. Perry abused his position of trust as a lesser minion of big government when during a recent failed motor vehicle test he offered to commit fraud by changing the results to a passing score in return for a blow job.

Washington area television station WJLA elaborates on this lurid tale on their website in the story “MVA Driving Instructor Charged After Offering Woman Passing Grade for Racy Sex Act”:

A Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) driving instructor is accused of trying to trade a passing grade for a sexual favor.

Maryland State Police have charged Daniel Perry, 21, of Temple Hills, with one count of malfeasance in office.

On July 9, Perry was administering a road test to a woman who came to the MVA’s Gaithersburg branch to obtain her driver’s license. After completing the course, Perry told the woman he could not pass her because she failed to fully brake at a stop sign.

According to charging documents filed in Montgomery County District Court, Perry told the woman he would happily alter her test score if she serviced him. Perry then allegedly pointed to his genitals and then suggested they drive to a secluded area nearby.

Astonished, the woman declined and exited the vehicle while recording Perry with her cell phone. Perry then reportedly begged his female student not to notify his bosses, but she did so anyway.

“Oh my God, that’s insane,” MVA customer Vanessa Smith exclaimed. “He was clearly trying to take advantage of her. I mean, he probably wouldn’t do that to a guy.”

Police said Perry matched the suspect description: a tall, slim , African American male wearing a blue polo with an earring in his left ear. While conducting a sit down interview in the MVA offices, detectives said Perry quickly fessed-up to the inappropriate make-up exam.

It’s no surprise that Perry was quickly fired by the State of Maryland for his misdeed and is due to appear in court later in August.