One of the more disgusting aspects of the transformation of this once great country into a fascist banana republic is the presence of government goons in the nation’s airports as was typically customary for a Soviet bloc satellite. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is another one of the blights on America that grew out of the 9/11 attacks which were exploited by those both within the government seeking more control as well as outsiders who saw their opportunity to cynically cash in big time off of the deaths of over 3,000 people. The TSA is a combination of the two as Leviathan was able to capitalize on the fear that gripped this country to put checkpoints in our nation’s airports and the agency was an easy target for corporations looking to rip off taxpayers for things like those failed naked body scanners.

But the worst aspect of the TSA were the uniformed thugs who were given carte blanche to use their newly found authority to humiliate hapless passengers, steal personal items, make old ladies take off their medical diapers and engage in acts of a sexual nature that would have others not in the employ of the federal government thrown in jail. The TSA has continued to be haunted by the actions of those who abused their positions to fondle women and children and it has now happened again, this time at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport where a screener was fired for sexually assaulting a 22 year old Korean student in a bathroom.

Reuters reports on the incident in the story “New York TSA Agent Charged With Molesting Traveler in Bogus Search”:

A Transportation Security Administration agent at New York’s LaGuardia Airport was arrested after being accused of luring a woman to an airport bathroom under the pretense of a security search and molesting her, authorities said on Friday.

The suspect, identified by officials as Maxie Oquendo, 40, was wearing a TSA uniform when he brought the 22-year-old traveler to an upstairs bathroom and molested her on Tuesday night, according to Joe Pentangelo, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Supposedly he took her into another area using his official position, being in uniform, and she thought it was a part of his official duty,” Pentangelo said.

Port Authority police arrested Oquendo on Thursday on charges of forcible touching, official misconduct and unlawful imprisonment, he said.

Oquendo has since been fired by the Transportation Security Administration, officials said on Friday.

An attorney for Oquendo could not be immediately identified.

“TSA is working in close partnership with the Port Authority Police Department in support of this investigation,” TSA administrator Peter Neffenger said in a statement.

Oquendo is another one of those glorified door-shakers who typically work as low wage security guards because their wannabe cop fantasy just doesn’t play out but who were able to find employment with the government as members of the airport goon squads. He now is going to be made an example of for his indiscretion in picking the wrong passenger to grope, given his long tenure with TSA she is probably not the first young girl (or boy) that he felt up either.

New York City’s WABC TV reports that the local DA is looking to make sure that Oquendo doesn’t slither off the hook because he happed to work for the feds:

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown on Friday announced Oquendo’s arrest on charges of second-degree unlawful imprisonment, official misconduct, third-degree sexual abuse and second-degree harassment.

“The defendant is accused of an egregious abuse of his position as a government screener at LaGuardia Airport to sexually victimize a young woman,” Brown said. “Such alleged conduct cannot, under any circumstances, go unpunished.”

If convicted, Oquendo faces up to one year in jail.

Jail would be a very good place for this dude who needs to see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a body cavity search for a change.