Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican race has exposed his competition as a gaggle of not ready for prime time players. With the Donald soaring in the polls and on the cusp of gaining a stranglehold on the 2016 GOP nomination, the rest of the pack has been turned into stammering stumblebums who are having a very serious problem when it comes to going off script. The latest victim of Donald Trump derangement syndrome is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the union slayer and early winner of the lottery for the Koch Brothers campaign funding, and his self-immolation is getting uglier by the day. Walker hit the Sunday morning McNews show circuit and in attempting to out Trump the Donald seemed to advocate for the building of a border wall between the United States and Canada.

Walker’s comments were made during an interview on NBC’s Press the Meat (aka Meet the Press) and are reported by CNN in the story “Scott Walker: U.S.-Canada wall a ‘legitimate’ idea”:

It’s not just the southern border: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says it’s “legitimate” to discuss building a wall separating the United States from Canada, as well.

The Republican presidential contender said the idea of a northern border has come up while he has campaigned in New Hampshire.

In an interview for NBC’s “Meet the Press” available online, Walker said his tough talk to securing the borders and enforcing U.S. laws extends to the 5,525-mile Canadian border as well.

It’s a shift from most campaign-trail rhetoric, which has focused on the United States’ border with Mexico, where millions undocumented immigrants have entered the country.

“Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire,” Walker said. “They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

Terrorist attacks have been plotted in Canada — including the so-called “Millennium plot,” a foiled 2000 plan in which an Algerian national planned to cross into the United States from Canada and bomb the Los Angeles International Airport.

Walker has focused his immigration remarks on enforcing U.S. laws already on the books in recent weeks.

There must be much consternation going on over at Koch Industries right now, Trump is poaching talent and Walker can’t stop saying dumb things as he tries to close the gap now that he is trailing in Iowa, a state that he presumably had locked down. There is also that thing about using $250 million in taxpayer funds to pay for a new arena for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks that reeks of crony capitalism. Now Walker is invoking the terrorist bogeyman to float the idea of what would be an extremely costly northern wall along the Canadian border that does zilch to address the millions of illegal aliens coming up from Mexico to take jobs, drop anchor babies and commit crimes. Trump should have a heyday with this.

This dude is either dumber than all hell or he is getting some very, very bad advice from his staff. While Walker can’t be called out as a RINO like Jeb! and so many of the rest of the field, he is going end up as road kill run over by the Trump express just like the others unless he gets a clue and gets it quickly.