Looking to prove that he isn’t a spineless, whishy-washy marshmallow candidate, John Ellis Bush aka “Jeb!” has gone into attack mode against Donald Trump. Following the launching of a new negative advertising campaign, Bush V.3 made an appearance in heavily Hispanic Miami where he tore into the Donald en español. The big donors were getting restive about the inability of Jeb! to be running away with the Republican race despite his famous family brand name and must have put the cattle prod to his ass because he is now in full attack mode. When it comes to pandering to Latinos Bush has no peer with the exception of neocon favorite Marco Rubio, and he was preaching to the choir at the La Progresiva Presbyterian School on Tuesday.

As reported by the Washington Post in the story “Jeb Bush slams Donald Trump in Spanish over his ‘barbarities’”:

Jeb Bush is “en el ataque.”

That’s Spanish for “on the attack” — and the former Florida governor certainly is, as he confronted and mocked businessman Donald Trump in English and Spanish on Tuesday.

Trump now enjoys a commanding lead over rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, while recent polls suggest that Bush is on a precipitous decline in Iowa — where he sits in the single digits — and in New Hampshire. A Granite State poll released on Tuesday showed Bush slipping into the single digits there for the first time.

The Bush campaign released a new 80-second Web video on Tuesday that strings together clips from interviews Trump has done over several decades that show him praising Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and voicing support for abortion rights, tax increases on wealthy Americans and the 2009 economic stimulus program.

After a town hall meeting at a Presbyterian school here, Bush explained his decision to go on the offensive, using explanations he’s voiced before in English. But in Spanish, in response to questions from Spanish-speaking reporters, his tone and choice of words was sharper.

“He attacks me every day. He attacks me every day with barbarities,” Bush said in Spanish in response to a question. “They’re not true. What we did today was to put out in his words to show that he’s not conservative. He supports people like Nancy Pelosi. He’s given money to Hillary Clinton. He was a Democrat longer than Republican. He’s said that he’s more comfortable being a Democrat. He doesn’t have a record, because he hasn’t been a person who has served like me, who served for eight years as governor. He’s not a conservative. That’s my point.”

“He’s not conservative. He doesn’t have a career that you could say is conservative,” Bush said later in Spanish.

But El Busho is hardly a “conservative” either. Rather he is just one more RINO who has hijacked the word conservatism as a vehicle for his own political ambitions and when it really comes down to it, the only substantive difference between himself and Hillary is a set of cojones. The GOP establishment seems to have settled on attacking Trump as not being a conservative and putting together clips of past statements to show that he is more closely aligned with Nancy Pelosi than Ronald Reagan. This is very hazardous because people do evolve in their views, hell Reagan himself was once a Democrat and even campaigned for Harry Truman and trashed Republicans. Focusing too much on Trump’s past statements could not only alienate his supporters and force him into running as an independent but could ultimately attract those Democrats who would rather drink turpentine than line up behind Mrs. Clinton. It is playing with fire or as Jeb! would put it mucho caliente.