The ink wasn’t even dry on that RNC loyalty pledge that Donald Trump signed on Thursday before the golden boy Jeb! was ratcheting up his attacks. He may be as steadfast as an overcooked piece of linguine and his speechifying can actually put people to sleep,but he has the full support of the entire Republican establishment and the knives are all out for Trump now after his monumental blunder in signing that oath. Bush III blasted the Donald during his campaign stops in New Hampshire, continuing to hammer the talking point that Trump is not a conservative (as if Jeb! is) and saying that he is too pessimistic to be the nominee. But he really began to up the ante on rhetoric when he accused the Donald of using racist language.

As reported by Politico in the story “Jeb: Trump using racial ‘dog whistle’”:

Jeb Bush opted not to hammer Donald Trump too hard over his flubbed foreign policy test Thursday afternoon.

Instead, the former Florida governor drilled the early frontrunner in Republican 2016 polling over his criticism of Bush for speaking Spanish during interviews and for using language, he alleged, that serves as a “dog whistle” to racists.

Answering a question, Bush said that people who immigrate to the U.S. “need to learn English, but that doesn’t mean they stop speaking their native tongue.”

Then, he went further.

“Perhaps even more offensive was the notion that somehow I went down to the border and spoke Mexican,” Bush said, referring to Trump’s reaction to his visit last week to McAllen, Texas. “Those are dog whistle terms; he knows what he’s doing. These are very divisive terms. If we’re going to win elections, we need to be much more open, open and optimistic, rather than sending signals that prey on people’s angst.”

The playing of the race card by Jeb! is a preview of how the wave of attacks on a now denuded Trump, including a multi-million dollar negative advertising blitz after Labor Day will unfold. It rankles Bush the entitled to no end that he was called out for cynically speaking in Spanish during a number of campaign events to appeal to those who support amnesty for illegals – he sounds just like a freaking Democrat for God’s sake. It is also standard hypocrisy from the Bush crime family when considering how the forces of Karl Rove viciously smeared Senator John McCain in the South Carolina primary back in 2000 for his alleged fathering of a black child. The Bushes have a long and sordid history of engaging in some of the worst sort of political chicanery and propagandizing in order to take down opponents and a new chapter is about to be written.