In post-hostile takeover America, the establishment has each other’s backs when it comes to serving the interests of our corrupt oligarchy. So goes the war on Donald Trump with the hours ticking down until an enormous and costly character assassination campaign that will have all of the subtlety of the destruction of Colonel Kurtz’s jungle compound during the end credits of “Apocalypse Now”. As the preparations for Hate Week reach their final stages, it is things like the “gotcha” questions by bought and paid for insider Hugh Hewitt during an interview of Trump that are a harbinger of things to come. That and the pissing and moaning by Queen Hillary to Andrea Mitchell aka Mrs. Alan Greenspan over the Donald’s rude dressing down of the beloved Huma, longtime aide to Mrs. Clinton as well as the wife of disgraced former congressman and “perv” Anthony Weiner.

Hillary was given the star treatment in an exclusive interview on Democrat propaganda network MSNBC in sitting down with the faux journalist Mitchell where she engaged in linguistic obfuscation over the email scandal and laid into Trump. As reported by the Daily Mail in the story “Hillary Fumes at Trump for Attacking Her Closest Aide Huma as She Accuses Billionaire of ‘Innuendo, Conspiracy Theories and Defaming People’”:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton used a national TV interview Friday to accuse her Republican counterpart Donald Trump of ‘innuendo, conspiracy theories and defaming people’ starting with her closest aide Huma Abedin.

In the exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Clinton said she can take Trump’s attacks, but ‘I do regret that he’s going after so many people.’

That was a reference to Trump’s swipe at Abedin, a decades-long Clinton aide and the wife of former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner.

Trump has been criticizing Abedin for weeks, starting with a interview in which he alleged that Abedin had likely leaked classified State Department information to her husband, disgraced ex-Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner.

Clinton would have none of it.

‘I can take that. I mean, that is just par for the course. But he is going after so many people, many of them by name,’ Clinton told Mitchell.

I think it’s an unfortunate development in American politics that his campaign is all about who he’s against, whether it’s immigrants or women broadcasters, or aides of other candidates.

‘He’s is the candidate of “being against”.

‘He’s great at innuendo and conspiracy theories and really defaming people. That’s not what I want to do in my campaign, and that’s not how I’m going to conduct myself.’

Clinton’s reference to ‘women broadcasters’ was about Megyn Kelly, a Fox News TV personality and commentator who was the subject of multiple attacks by Trump on Twitter and in various TV interviews last month.

To listen to Hillary talk it is indistinguishable from the same crap that is coming from the mouths of the water carriers for the Republican establishment who like Clinton, hate and fear him as the one man who can blow up their entire racket. Andrea Mitchell is another member of the klatch of incestuous elite power couples who intermarry like hosts latching onto parasites as they float past each other in the sewers of corruption and privilege. In addition to Mrs. Alan Greenspan who is trotted out by MSNBC as if she has integrity instead of being the highly paid whore that she is, there are Obama’s U.N. Ambassador and harpy warmonger Samantha Power and her hubby the authoritarian fascist Cass Sunstein as well as highly influential neocons Robert Kagan and Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland to name just a few. As the late comic and social critic George Carlin so aptly put it, “it’s a big club and you aren’t in it”.

Despite her mounting problems – and unpopularity with voters – Hillary can always count on being a member of that big club where Bushes and Clintons are as thick as thieves despite their participation in the Washington Game of Thrones. The establishment takes care of it’s own and circles the wagons in unity whenever an outsider threatens their ill-gotten gains like Donald Trump is doing right now.