Wielding a sharp blade comes naturally for a job-killing corporate bitch on wheels like Carly Fiorina so it is fitting that she will be the one tasked with emasculating the reviled Donald Trump on behalf of the establishment during the next GOP debate. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was able to whine and play the victim in order to get CNN and the RNC to invoke the affirmative action clause to allow Fiorina onto the big stage where she will be on Trump like white on rice. It says a lot about how much of a wussy that golden boy “Jeb!” is when he is going to allow a woman to do his dirty work for him but with his campaign continuing to be mired in the muck it’s best to use surrogates.

The mercenary media and the incessant hype about Fiorina – especially this week – tips the oligarchy’s hand that she now been given a key role. The softening up of Trump has already occurred thanks to the phantom Megyn Kelly vaginal blood comments and the coordinated assault in the aftermath. It was an attack that even drew bipartisan support and the intent of using Fiorina as the assassin in Simi Valley has as it’s lynchpin the meme of using any Trump counterattack to slime him as a misogynist. In the 2016 election year – which could fittingly be tabbed as the year of the vagina due to Hillary Clinton’s use of the gender card – a ball-busting RINO bitch like Carly is like an ace in the hole for the party bosses and they are going to be leaning on her heavily going forward. The rewards could be great, perhaps the VP slot on the Jeb! ticket as a token woman to offset Hillary, or at the very least a cabinet position for Fiorina.

She hit the Sunday morning propaganda show circuit, making an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation where she previewed her anti-Trump talking points. The Hill reports on this in the story “Fiorina hits Trump on foreign policy”:

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said on Sunday that her rival Donald Trump should closely study foreign policy if he wants the White House next year.

“I think it’s very difficult to lead if you don’t have the requisite knowledge,” she told host John Dickerson on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“I do think it’s important to know who our enemies are,” Fiorina added. “I think it’s important to know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah and to know as well that both of them, for example, are proxies of Iran.”

Fiorina’s remarks follow Trump’s tense encounter with radio host Hugh Hewitt last week.

Trump accused the broadcaster of asking “gotcha” questions and intending on embarrassing him during the exchange last Thursday evening.

Fiorina argued on Sunday that she understands Trump’s struggles, even if she has concerns with his credibility on international relations.

“I think it’s perfectly acceptable that you don’t know the name of every terrorist leader,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO said. “I don’t always either.”

“I do think we’ve come to a place, though, where people realize that running for political office all your life isn’t necessarily the most qualifying set of experiences,” Fiorina said.

“We have a professional, political class that is either unwilling or unable to challenge the status quo of Washington and get anything done,” she added. “And we have festering problems in Washington.”

Fiorina then refused comment on Trump’s fitness for the Oval Office versus her own.

“Well, that’s not a question for me,” she told Dickerson. “That’s a question fro the voters of this country.”

“I am most definitely fit to be commander in chief and that’s why I’m running for that office,” Fiorina added.

The shift in tactics to now hitting Trump on foreign policy was facilitated by a setup that was triggered by a “gotcha” question from Hugh Hewitt, a swishy ‘conservative’ moderate mouthpiece. Hewitt – who landed a role as a GOP debate moderator – is a key cog in the establishment propaganda machine Salem Communications aka Salem Media Group that is a prominent player in efforts to coronate Jeb!. One of the problems with Trump’s off the cuff, honest style is that he at times misspeaks which is a stark contrast to the majority of the field which has been coached by pros and have their talking points on foreign policy generated by neocon professionals. He fell into the trap on Hewitt’s show and therefore provided the opening for another prong of a multi-million dollar, scorched earth blitzkrieg that will spare nothing to destroy him.

It’s a pretty nifty shift because the phony war on terror, once the most ass-kicking club in the bag for the GOP establishment has largely gone unused. Look for the attack ads – and the operatives like Fiorina – to make it look like Trump is putting America in danger and surrendering to the terrorists. It is probably even money that some of those attack ads funded by mysterious front groups will liken him to Osama bin Laden and worse.

The one thing that is very important = especially given the prominent role that will soon be played by Ms. Fiorina – is that Trump is a mortal enemy to the establishment and she is a part of it. It is an establishment that views real conservative, grass roots, Tea Party types as the scum of the earth and unwashed rabble unfit for political represenatation. Jeb! has always been the choice and it was only a matter of somehow managing to polish the turd of his older brother’s disastrous reign to make him palatable to voters.

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