The media has been selling upstart presidential candidate Ben Carson like there is no tomorrow and now on the eve of the debate is pushing him as a more refined (and pliable) “outsider” alternative to the hated Donald Trump. Dr. Carson – who happens to be a celebrity just like Trump – has long been a favorite of social conservatives and Evangelicals and seems to be a hell of a nice guy but in reality he has zero chance of winning the nomination. More likely is that he is just being used in a very cynical way to provide an anti-Trump narrative and if the Donald is indeed taken down as the party bosses and corrupt money laundering groups like the Club for Growth intend, then he will be rapidly discarded. The key is to generate the meme that the Trump momentum has crested and that a new “outsider” has overtaken him, then it can be hammered home in the mercenary media incessantly until Jeb! is satisfied that the big con has been pulled off.

CNN, which is airing the dishonest shitshow of the rigged debate is pushing Carson hard in the story “Ben Carson draws close behind Donald Trump in national poll”:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is continuing to ride a surge of support for outsiders, pulling up close behind Donald Trump in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

Republican voters nationwide continue to back Trump in large numbers, climbing from 23% support in the last CBS poll, conducted before the Fox News debate last month, to 27% in the poll out Tuesday. But Carson rocketed in that same period from 6% to 23%. The survey also found Carson doing well across demographic groups, edging out Trump among college-educated Republican voters.

The rest of the field, with the exception of Carly Fiorina and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, has slipped behind with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker falling farthest from 10% support last month to 2% now.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio all tied for third place with 6%.

The margin of error for the 376-person sample of Republican voters in this newest poll is plus-or-minus 6%, and was conducted Sept. 9-13.

The latest CNN/ORC survey, released last week, showed Carson rising in the polls — landing at 19% support among Republicans, behind Trump’s 32% support. The latest poll from ABC News/Washington Post also showed Trump significantly ahead of Carson.

The establishment has always needed that one poll that they can hang their hats on and it looks like the one from the New York Times (with CBS) is it – that is if you put any faith in what has long been a liberal sheet of ass-wipe that leans slightly to the left of Pravda. Hey, I get it that Carson is soft-spoken and probably is a damned decent man who just happened to get involved in a really dirty business but conservatives should pinch themselves now and wake up because unlike Trump, the guy doesn’t have the financial means for a run deep into the primaries. More likely he will just be kept around as the token Negro like Herman Cain or Alan Keyes. Lunging for the bait by abandoning Trump – who truly scares the crap out of them all – for Carson is only going to result in Jeb! getting the nomination and conservatives getting it jammed up their asses without lube just like last November.

The Conservative Treehouse has done extensive and excellent work on the big scam to put the Bush crime family back in control of the money spigots and they pretty much nail the game in the post entitled “Team Jebs’ Newest Strategy – Push Ben Carson?…”:

There are numerous signals now becoming visible that Team Jeb (RNC/GOPe) is working to talk up Carson.

Dana Perino, a die-hard Bush loyalist, has been working this angle for several weeks. Fox news host Megyn Kelly has also been working diligently to promote Carson as a kinder, gentler and more palatable, ie. less vulgarian, option.

Watch the reports and the news cycles closely in the lead up to the next debate September 16th and we will most likely see strong signals of this strategy. The promotion of Carson will specifically target Trump supporters – it’s doubtful the strategy could work, but depending on the primary state it might be enough to pull Trump down enough to stop the current momentum.

The piece was published two weeks ago and well before that new CBS/New York Times poll that is being pimped far and wide by the media today as the trap for Trump is about to be sprung.