The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) didn’t merit any attention during Wednesday’s big GOP debate but it remains a testament to the rottenness of big government run amok. The TSA, which was hastily put together in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks along with the American Gestapo umbrella agency the Department of Homeland Security under which it lies, has been a disgraceful blight on what was once a free country. When the TSA goons and perverts aren’t groping travelers, stealing their possessions, molesting women, bullying old ladies and feeling up children their forces are busy frolicking with prostitutes just like the Secret Service. A few of them though committed the idiotic act of actually filming their fornication on government issued cellphones and now their amateur porn has landed them in hot water.

CNN reports on this latest blight on the TSA in the story “Federal Air Marshals Allegedly Solicited Prostitutes”:

At least two Federal Air Marshals are at the center of a prostitution investigation by the Transportation Security Administration.

The TSA’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Office of Inspections has launched a probe into allegations two air marshals engaged in sexual activity with prostitutes and recorded the acts on government-issued cell phones. In early September, the House Oversight Committee received a briefing on the matter from Federal Air Marshal Director Roderick Allison.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said the case is out of Chicago and involved three air marshals, but only two have been accused in the prostitution probe.

“Most recently there’s an allegation of Federal Air Marshals disguising themselves as pornography producers, hiring prostitutes and using government-issued phones and other assets to film sexual encounters,” Chaffetz said at Thursday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on Capitol Hill. The committee is examining personnel actions taken by the Federal Air Marshal Service to address improper behavior, as well as managerial decisions to prevent further misconduct.

According to an Oversight committee spokeswoman, “Agent A” filed a worker’s compensation claim, saying he was injured on the the job.

Investigators confiscated the cell phone of “Agent B” as part of the workers compensation investigation, and in the process, investigators discovered footage that allegedly shows “Agent A” was hurt at a sporting event and not at work. Investigators also discovered additional video which shows “Agent B” and “Agent C” engaging in sexual activity with a prostitute.

The committee spokeswoman could not confirm where this sexual activity happened. Members of the oversight committee say they do know the sexual activity involving two federal air marshals and prostitutes was recorded with a government-issued phone.

It’s not only the Republicans who ignore the cancer on the country that is the National Security State and the uniformed ruffians in our airports, the Democrats are also down with giving them free reign. This is not surprising because outside of Rand Paul (even a broken clock is right twice a day), every last one of the prospective candidates is just fine with fascism because as members of the political elite, they are above having to be singled out for humiliation and harassment while waiting to catch a flight. History has shown that when a government no longer protects the rights of it’s citizens that the dregs of society are often the ones that are chosen to enforce compliance – this is the case with the TSA.