Uncle Sam’s airport goon squads have made the news once again. This time it isn’t for stealing or acts of sexual perversion but rather a reaction to a peculiar situation with a transgender person or as we used to refer to them in the old days before political correctness and the thought police took over: a “he-she”. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers came under social media fire after fumbling a screening of Shadi Petosky, a traveler who was detained and forced to miss his/her flight while passing through the Orlando airport.

The big government incompetents were perplexed over the discovery of an “anomaly” which turned out to be Petosky’s penis. The individual was then subjected to the standard harassment that is commonplace at the Soviet Bloc style checkpoints that have become permanent fixtures in this once great nation’s airports. But Petosky’s plight went viral as he/she live Tweeted the experience.

The New Daily News reports on the latest blotch on the TSA’s dismal reputation in the story “Trans woman upset over TSA scanners flagging body ‘anomaly’”:

A transgender woman brought thousands of social media followers into her embarrassing experience navigating security at Orlando International Airport — a problem occasionally faced by traveling trans men and women.

TSA agents flagged Shadi Petosky as she rushed to her flight to Minneapolis Monday night due to an “anomaly” that appeared in her full-body scan calibrated for a woman.

“That’s my penis,” she bluntly told a male TSA agent, explaining that she was transgender.

The awkward conversation brought Petosky to tears as additional agents questioned her gender and pulled her aside for a 40-minute pat-down, inspection and explosive material scare that resulted in a missed flight to Minneapolis.

Dozens of tweets and a handful of tearful selfies documented the television producer’s ordeal, attracting the attention of transgender activists, American Airlines representatives and TSA officials.

“I’m embarrassed about it,” Petosky told the Daily News from a hotel in Miami.

The TSA agent reportedly asked Petosky to go back through the scanner under the male calibration, but she refused and then declined to say whether she was a man or a woman.

“It is just a coincidence that I got a pat down for my genitals, then I had the worst agent and then I tested positive for explosives,” Petosky added.

She repeatedly asked the TSA agents if they were properly trained with a transgender policy, but heard only one response: “I know what I am doing.”

The thugs are likely cursing their fate for failing to confiscate the hapless traveler’s cell phone:

Petosky was spared the full body cavity search and is determined not to take the humiliation lying down and has become a minor internet celebrity after the incident and is still Tweeting about the TSA. In the meantime, it’s just more egg on the face for the TSA which is already dealing with the humiliation of an ugly scandal where air marshals were busted filming themselves having sex with prostitutes on their government phones. The TSA is defending their treatment of Ms./Mr. Petosky but the pigs always have each other’s backs, even when it comes to molesting children. You just can’t make shit like this up.