Despite a mind-boggling series of domestic policy wins Emperor Barack Obama continues to be bedeviled by Vladimir Putin. The reviled Russian strongman has emerged as Obama’s personal bogeyman and has once again served up a shit sandwich with a vodka chaser for dear leader. Obama of Arabia’s Middle East misadventures have forever redefined the term “clusterfuck” with none being more disastrous than the bloodbath in Syria. Folks may recall that it was Putin who humiliated Obama two years ago by pouncing on a gaffe by Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry to prevent a U.S. bombing campaign that was all but preordained. The justification for the attack being those civilians who were allegedly gassed on Bashar al-Assad’s orders (who actually was responsible remains a mystery) but the stammering Kerry mucked it all up and left the narcissist in chief with egg on his face.

Before long Putin was rubbing rock salt into the still festering wound by writing an oped denouncing American exceptionalism for the damned liberal New York Times. The Obama regime as well as warmongering hotheads like old blood and guts John McCain were outraged and looked to strike back by backing a coup against the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine while Putin was distracted with the Winter Olympics. This also went up like the proverbial flaming bag of dogshit (like most ventures conceived by idiots do) when Russia whacked off the crown jewel of Crimea and the country was gripped by a civil war that it is mired in to this day. Obama talked loads of smack and levied sanctions but couldn’t break Putin. The next thing you know he was dialing up bombing strikes in Syria, ostensibly against ISIS, once again rubbing mud in Obama’s eye.

While Putin is certainly a world class prick perhaps his Air Force blasting head-chopping, extremist Jihadis into mincemeat isn’t such a bad thing. Obama’s war on ISIS is a debacle and the adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” should be applicable in this case. Donald Trump – who is hated by Republicans nearly as badly as Putin – welcomes the prospect of the Russians sending those smelly desert savages back to Allah but that view does not sit well with the lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum. None are more against it than Mr. Sunday morning himself because God forbid that his cannibalistic “moderate” terrorists get caught up in the crossfire.

Senator McCain popped up on the propaganda show circuit this morning where he inveighed against both Putin and the Donald. From his soapbox on CNN’s State of the Union with the uber-slimy Jake Tapper the demagogue blasted Trump as a foreign policy nitwit who “doesn’t understand Syria”:

Sen. John McCain says that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump doesn’t understand the problems posed by Russia’s new role in the Syrian conflict.

“I don’t think he understands very well the situation. And he’s entitled to his opinion,” the Arizona Republican said Sunday in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

McCain was pushing back against Trump’s assertion last week that the United States should let ISIS and Syria’s army fight — and let Russia worry about ISIS there. Trump’s comment came as Russia launched air strikes in the region.

“Do we want to keep slaughtering people in Syria that are fighting for freedom?” McCain said. “Do we want to continue the barrel bombing, which is one of the reasons why 240,000 Syrians have been murdered? Do we want this flood of refugees to continue?”

You just have to love McCain’s concern about refugees and borders, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the border between his home state of Arizona and Mexico and the invading brown army but when it comes to Syrians and foreign borders he is the go to guy. There is never any disclaimer on any of the McNews shows that he has only been able to stick around for going on six fucking Senate terms because he is a pimp for the Pentagon and the war industry.

If nothing else, Senator McCain is predictable. He is a stone psychopath who has a mania that borders on the uncontrollable impulses of a pederast when it comes to war – any war. There isn’t a day that goes by that we all shouldn’t be on our knees thanking God that he lost the 2008 election to the Emir of Obamastan simply because the crazy old bastard would have given the launch order by now and we would have all been incinerated. Trump not only hits the bullseye with his suggestion that Russia be allowed to attack ISIS but also makes one hell of a good observation that the emboldened Putin could end up being sucked into Afghanistan II and we all know how well that turned out for the Russkies.

So for now Putin can dance the jig and revel in his ongoing domination over the dumbasses who run the foreign policy establishment in this once great country although at some point there won’t be an abject moron in the White House nor running the Senate Armed Services Committee. That way we won’t end up mired in these doomed and foolish situations to begin with nor subjected to the scorn and mockery that has been a blight upon America’s good name for too long now thanks to our rancid “leadership” class.