Prolific Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin – the smear queen- has long been a ferocious adversary of anti-establishment conservatives. Her diatribes have primarily targeted Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but with all of the shills for the entrenched elite unified against a common enemy, her poison pen is now ablaze and hacking away at the insurgent Donald Trump. Over the past weekend, a poll from a little known website that suspiciously looks like a Wall Street propaganda organ has been getting flogged by the anti-Trump forces. The poll, by Investor’s Business Daily has the Donald being drubbed by useful idiot Ben Carson, a man who has enormously benefitted from mostly positive media coverage that is trying to present him as a viable alternative to the caustic outsider. Despite Trump’s leading in all of the reputable nationally known polls Rubin touts the dubious IBD poll as proof that Trump is toast although she is forced to admit that it’s an “outlier” as a hedge against the poll’s dubious credibility.

Rubin’s screed is entitled “Trump’s Fade Into Incoherence” from which I excerpt the following:

It is not political gravity but his mouth that has finally caught up with Donald Trump. The polls show the steady shift in support toward candidates with policy credibility while each interview reveals his lack thereof.

In polling, his national numbers are all in one direction: Down. His RealClearPolitics average, once 30.5 percent, is now below 23 percent. (In one poll, albeit an outlier for now, Trump is down to 17 percent, trailing Dr. Ben Carson by 7 points.) In Iowa and New Hampshire he’s down from highs in the low 30’s to 24 percent and 25.3 percent, respectively, in the RCP average. Carson is now only 11 behind in Iowa and about 5 in New Hampshire. We don’t even know if his actual totals are that high. Those who have stuck with him after one inane or bigoted remark after another may well be the non-serious primary voters who are telling pollsters they still like the reality-show celebrity.

It is easy to see why support for Trump is collapsing. For one thing, articulate, informed competitors are getting attention. Nationally, Carly Fiorina and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are on the rise. In Iowa, aside from the evangelical-friendly Carson, Fiorina is moving up steadily. In New Hampshire, the latest Marist/NBC poll shows Trump’s support is down to 21 points with Fiorina up to 16 percent, Jeb Bush (reflecting his ad buy and more frequent appearances) up to 11 points and Rubio and Carson at 10 points. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie surged to 7 percent.


Serious voters have figured out this is rubbish. (Notice that the talk radio entertainers still backing him don’t care about serious policy, either, just a partner in xenophobic rants.) Either Trump is not smart, does not take this seriously, has no conservative ideology — or more likely, all three. He’s taken to reminding interviewers that if his poll numbers go south he’ll go back to business. Indeed, why hang around and become just another “loser”?

Rubin is just another of the entitled legion of power-sucklers that are the inhabitants of the Beltway. Gravy train riders of her ilk have but one great fear – that an outsider will one day manage to gain control of the presidency and begin to revoke the privileged status that the courtiers of the rotten to the core elite enjoy. To her Trump supporters are dirty rabble and ignorant bigots and she is far from the only one – especially at the WAPO – who holds that view. While Rubin is an eager cheerleader for any establishment Republican who will keep the wars going and the taxpayer dollars sluicing into imperial Washington but Marco Rubio in particular seems to really make her panties moist.

The Washington Post editorial board has pretty much declared war on Trump and his recent comments praising Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s bombing of the terrorist army ISIS surely raised hackles. It’s more than a bit interesting that one of IBD’s most recognizable contributors is none other than WAPO’s own Charles Krauthammer who like Rubin uses his pulpit to engage in endless sleazy character attacks on Trump. Smell a rat?