John Ellis Bush, the establishment’s chosen man to replace Emperor Barack Obama in the White House come January 2017, has been struggling to gain traction in the race for the Republican party nomination. To say that Jeb! has sucked the proverbial fat lady’s ass is a gross understatement and his poll numbers have been in the mid to low single digits. The American people – in particular conservatives who just got dry-dicked last November – are fed up with career politicians along with their lies and betrayals. This is the main reason why iconoclastic billionaire Donald Trump and to a lesser degree celebrity surgeon Ben Carson have been running well ahead of the completion in the early stages of the primary process.

Now in an effort to boost his flagging numbers (he has all the really important big money constituencies already locked up) Mr. Bush is laughably trying to reinvent himself as some sort of outsider. Yes, you are reading that correctly, that the scion of a connected and influential family that held power for years is now trying to pass himself off as the right man who would clean up the culture of corruption inside the D.C. Beltway.

Reuters is reporting on Bush III’s attempt to rook the rubes into not liking Donald Trump quite so much in the story “In search of Iowa momentum, Bush courts the anti-Washington crowd”:

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s three-day campaign swing through Iowa this week is all about presenting himself as the anti-Washington politician many conservatives crave to shake up Washington.

Bush is looking for some of the love that has sent outsiders Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina to the top of Republican polls.

“I’ve never lived in Washington, I’ve never been part of Washington. I just have the skills set to disrupt the beast,” he said at a town hall event.

On his longest campaign trip to Iowa, Bush told coffee shop crowds in Oskaloosa and Muscatine on Wednesday and a dinner in Davenport on Tuesday that if elected in November 2016, he would “disrupt the old order” in Washington. He pointed to his record during two terms as Florida governor.

“I took on the establishment, I took on the special interests. I took on the status quo, and turned it upside down and things got better,” Bush said in Muscatine. “I hope you want a proven leader to turn things upside down a little bit.”

Bush’s strategy is to bolster his image in Iowa, which on Feb. 1 will hold the first nominating contest on the road to the November 2016 election.

Bush and his advisers believe once his record is better known to voters it will ease concerns they may have about him.

Holy bullshit Batman! Anyone who would actually think that Jeb! is an outsider is the same type who would buy beachfront property in Kansas or be prone to believing that the moon is made out of green cheese. While the Jebster may be claiming to have never “lived” in Washington, his family sure as hell has and that is exactly what makes him candidate numero uno to Wall Street, corporate America, the defense industry, big oil and the energy cartels and every other special interest that is used to putting the boots to the average American. Jeb! can attempt to revise history but anyone with an attention span that is greater than that of a gnat knows otherwise.

Not only did a Bush occupy the White House for twenty out of twenty-eight years between 1981 and 2009 but John Ellis’s grandfather Prescott Bush was a powerful Senator for over a decade – before that he was a Wall Street moneychanger. The entire family has it’s roots in the eastern establishment going back at least a century – forget all of that stuff about Texas, it’s horseshit – we’re talking Wall Street, Kennebunkport, Andover, Yale and New York City. The Bush boys may have grown up in the Lone Star State but their legacy is about as establishment as it gets in the USA. The sad thing though is that there are millions of dumbed-down suckers who will fall for the spiel that Jeb! is just the man to “disrupt the beast” hook, line and sinker. The great newspaper columnist H.L. Mencken once famously put it: “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” and those words of wisdom have endured long after his death.