Conservatives and all rational Americans justifiably celebrated when the screaming orange weeper John Boehner announced his resignation from the Speaker of the House gig but the champagne corks may have been popped a bit prematurely. Emperor Barack Obama’s drinking and golfing buddy was set to retire and get a high paying job as a K Street lobbyist but that was before his successor, the California dimwit Kevin McCarthy self-immolated. McCarthy, the current House Majority Leader single-handedly rescued the rapidly sinking Queen Hillary with his monumental blunder of admitting that the Benghazi hearings had damaged Mrs. Clinton politically. It was at that moment that McCarthy – Boehner’s right hand man – became a dead man walking and today the other shoe dropped as he withdrew his name from consideration to replace Boehner. Now it looks as though the wretched drunken bastard is going to be sticking around.

Fox News is reporting that “John Boehner has agreed to stay on as Speaker”:

Having Talked to several senior aides on Capitol Hill (along with Chris Stirewalt and his sources on the Hill tied to the leadership) here is the picture that is beginning to form.

Speaker John Boehner has agreed to stay on as Speaker–not just until the Caucus nominates someone –but, until that person can confirm 218 votes on the House floor (needed to take the Speaker’s gavel). Short of that – Boehner will stay on for the rest of this Congress and steer legislation that is pending.

What does this mean? Moderates and leadership types are cheering and saying Boehner is the only one they will support. Conservatives will go ballistic since they know this signals that Boehner will make ALL kinds of deals to get big ticket legislation through the House even if it means using Democrats votes to do it.

The news… short of another candidate that can get 218 votes (and that looks like a long shot with leadership and moderates lining up behind Boehner)

Looks like he may be here to stay to handle the very tough debt ceiling and next CR.

The establishment needed a fallback plan after McCarthy shit all over himself, he already had the seal of approval from all of the important parties that mattered – primarily Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce – and they sure as hell aren’t going to turn the gavel over to a principled conservative. So it looks like Boehner still lives and Obama’s Democratic minions are going to make sure that they have his back until the debt ceiling is increased and Cromnibus the sequel is jammed down the throats of the hapless voters who really have no say so in the matter.

It was a huge win to see Boehner slinking off into the sunset but as a wise man named Winston Wolf once famously remarked: