The long ago washed up arena rock band Aerosmith is threatening Donald Trump with legal action over the use of their 1970’s hit song “Dream On” at political rallies. The group – once one of the hottest touring acts in the country – has become just another collection of sad old men stuffing their asses into spandex and looking for another big payday before they check out for that big rehab clinic in the sky. The group, led by singer Steven Tyler – the butt-ugliest monkey looking motherfucker this side of Mick Jagger – has gone to the step of actually having a cease and desist letter sent to the Trump campaign.

Aerosmith isn’t the first rock band or artist to push back against Trumpzilla’s use of their music, Neil Young aka the Godfather of Grunge demanded that his song “Rocking in the Free World” no longer be played at Trump events. The Donald was quick to respond to the aging Young by calling him out as a “hypocrite” for denouncing him after having shown up hat in hand to beg for money to finance his pie in the sky Pono music system – and he had photographic evidence too.

The Aerosmith-Trump kerfuffle is reported by Rolling Stone in the article “Aerosmith Warns Donald Trump Over ‘Dream On’ Use”:

Donald Trump has already drawn the ire of artists like Neil Young and R.E.M. for using their music at the Republican frontrunner’s campaign stops without permission, and now another rock legend is threatening legal action against the mogul: Aerosmith has filed a cease-and-desist letter to Trump demanding that the candidate stop using “Dream On” at his rallies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was singer Steven Tyler’s reps specifically who sent the legal notice. “Trump for President does not have our client’s permission to use ‘Dream On’ or any of our client’s other music in connection with the Campaign because it gives the false impression that he is connected with or endorses Mr. Trump’s presidential bid,” the cease-and-desist letter read.

This was actually Trump’s second warning: He was initially asked to refrain from utilizing “Dream On” after an August 21st rally in Mobile, Alabama, yet Trump continued to play the track at rallies, including his stops in Las Vegas – where he air-drummed along with “Dream On” – and Atlanta this weekend. This time around, Tyler’s legal team gave Trump a 24-hour window warning the mogul’s campaign, “If Trump for President does not comply with our demands, our client will be forced to pursue any and all legal or equitable remedies which our client may have against you.”

Whether the demand that Trump stop playing “Dream On” is a request born out of sheer conviction or just an effort to try to shake down the billionaire for money is anyone’s guess. There can’t be too many more tours left in the Beantown geezers – these guys’ heyday was back when I was in high school for God’s sake – and they had best get all the dough while they are still ambulatory. The days of wine, roses, cocaine and blow jobs from young groupies are receding farther into the mirror and soon just being able to take a regular dump will be reason for Tyler and the boys to rejoice. You sure as hell wouldn’t see terrible Ted Nugent pulling horseshit like this with Trump.