The Washington Post editorial board’s love for big government and permanent war are exceeded only by their hatred for Donald Trump. The amazing Donald – who is shellacking all comers in the polls – truly represents an existential threat to all of the sucklers and parasites who make their living by feeding off of the bloated and growing big government. With an outsider who doesn’t know his place and who has a mandate from the American people to clean up the toxic waste dump that is imperial Washington, lots and lots of folks may have to go out and get real jobs. The ones who are the most terrified are those who serve as a firewall between the political elite and the rabble and there is a no more fetid enclave of such types than at the capital city’s leading newspaper. Trump has been vilified for months by the star-bellied Sneetches and effete snobs but a new low has been reached in a column by longtime WAPO columnist Richard Cohen comparing Trump to racist firebomber Louis Farrakhan.

I excerpt the following from Cohen’s magnum opus of slime and innuendo which is entitled “The bigotry of Trump and Farrakhan”:

The impetus for the Trump campaign is President Obama. He represents a historic, even cataclysmic, change in U.S. political life and, for some, what the United States is supposed to be about. One of the first to declare that something had gone awfully wrong was Trump himself. Way before he became a presidential candidate, he pronounced himself a birther. Obama was not born in the United States, Trump said — and he would prove it.

Trump dispatched private investigators to Hawaii — at least he said he did. The gumshoes would prove that Obama was not born there, as the president insisted and documents unambiguously proved, but somewhere else, possibly Indonesia, where Obama’s mother spent some time as an anthropologist. What was certain, Trump maintained, was that the man was not a native-born American. Just listen to his name. Case closed.

Trump has never backed down from those assertions. They have given his campaign a patina of racism that pollutes it and propels it. When he shouts that he is not one to be politically correct, his meaning is clear. When he veers to insult Mexican Americans and Mexicans in general, he adds to his bona fides as a nativist-cum-racist. When he calls Mexicans rapists, he is catering to one of the uglier and most lethal of folkloric prejudices. His listeners know what he is saying. He speaks the language of the pitchfork.


The language of the pitchfork is also spoken by Louis Farrakhan. As he has in the past, he assembled a throng of black men — and some women — on the Mall for his usual message of uplift and obscurance. This time he left out his obsession with the number 19. (“When you have a 9 you have a womb that is pregnant,” Farrakhan explained at his 1995 Million Man March, “and when you have a 1 standing by the 9, it means that there is something secret that has to be unfolded.”) Still, the absence of numerology did not change the fact that the man is racist and anti-Semitic. He is, if such a thing is possible, even more repugnant than Trump.

Cohen is really reaching with his execrable expulsion of bile but he should be a hero around the office to fellow Trump haters George Will, Charles Kraüthammer and Jennifer Rubin among others. It is a gross and deceptive linking of a man who worked hard and made billions as a businessman and television personality to a virulent bigot and racist demagogue who isn’t beyond calling for the murder of innocent white people in his speeches. He also mocks Trump’s supporters as nothing more than hate-filled, ignorant, bigoted brownshirts who only want to “destroy” – but the Beltway denizens have always had contempt for the ordinary Joe and Jane on Main Street.

He then closes out his piece of asswipe with the following:

Like Trump, I don’t much like PC. Like Farrakhan, I believe in speaking my mind. But I also believe that we all have an obligation to repudiate bigotry and not think we can use it to serve a political purpose. Many thousands failed to do that over the weekend on the Mall, and many more have done something similar by supporting Trump. For them, I have just one word:


Shame is a characteristic that neither Cohen nor his fellow bottom-feeders on the WAPO editorial staff have, in fact it seems as though the very lack of such is a job requirement. Cohen’s column is about as sleazy a hatchet job in a major and purportedly influential paper that has ever been seen. But it is yet another exhibit of just how much that all of the pigs who run the sty are terrified of the Trump revolution.