Another GOP establishment nightmare may be about to strike. Runaway front-runner Donald Trump AND runner-up Ben Carson are threatening to boycott the next Republican party debate. This would be a potentially staggering blow to the RNC, schemers like Karl Rove and the big money backers who have been counting on Carson to be a docile and manageable alternative to Trumpzilla when they finally devise a way to slay a man who has become their bogeyman. A Trump-Carson alliance would represent the greatest threat that the corrupt establishment and it’s stable of bought and paid for RINOs ever could imagine in their worst of dreams. The dynamic duo’s poll numbers combined would be nearly 50 percent and such a joint effort could give both Trump and Carson incredible leverage when it comes to combatting future attacks.

The Hill is reporting that “Trump, Carson threaten to boycott next GOP debate”:

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are threatening to skip the next Republican presidential debate unless the format is changed.

The campaigns sent a joint letter Thursday afternoon to CNBC’s Washington bureau warning they wouldn’t participate in the network’s debate on Oct. 28 in Boulder, Colo., unless it lasts no longer than two hours and includes both opening and closing statements by the candidates.

“The criteria that was outlined by CNBC was never discussed with any of the candidates or the campaigns,” Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told The New York Times. “So what CNBC did was send out a memo and said, ‘Here’s the criteria as you have approved them’ and that went out to all the campaigns. We said we never agreed to this criteria.”
NBC News first reported on the joint letter from Carson and Trump.

Ed Brookover, a Carson campaign aide, told The Hill that opening and closing statements are vital to ensuring every candidate is heard on a stage that will likely include 10 candidates. He noted that during one stretch in the last debate, moderated by CNN, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) went more than 30 minutes without having a chance to speak.

“It’s the fairest way to ensure that any candidate has an opportunity to be heard both early and late in the debate and not to rely on the good graces of the moderators,” he said.

Trump, meanwhile, was unhappy with the three-hour length of the CNN debate and wants to ensure that the next contest isn’t allowed to drag on.

“For us it was imperative that the time be changed to 120 minutes,” Lewandowski told the Times.

“Until we have this criteria specifically laid out, it is difficult to participate.”

The three-hour test of human endurance in an overheated Simi Valley venue was borne of two big needs for the RNC and for CNN. One, it was a free for all designed to allow for Trump to be hacked to pieces – particularly by Carly the castrator – and secondly, CNN was going to be sure to milk it for all it was worth to rake in the dough with their record advertising costs. Despite a miserable performance and the entire media having written his political obituary in the aftermath, Trump dashed the hopes of the pigs who run the sty by continuing to outpoll all of his competitors.

Trump has continued to keep the GOPe off-balance by virtue of his unpredictability and now Carson may be seeing the writing on the wall that the same establishment is sharpening the knives for him as well. The two of them should make CNBC – which is charging even more than CNN did for advertising – beg and grovel to agree to their terms or face a ratings debacle along the lines of Tuesday night’s Hillary Dem lovefest.

Two big middle fingers have just been given to the political elite and their pocket media kingmakers.

The CNBC televised debate will be held October 28 in Boulder, Colorado with or without the two top candidates.