Democrat geezer Bernie Sanders has never been anything outside of an interesting sideshow in the Queen Hillary coronation parade – like the geek in the feces eating tent at a traveling carny. First and foremost, Sanders sucks as a politician, sucks even worse as a public speaker and as an out of the closet socialist – or “democratic socialist” as he likes to call himself – he has less chance than an unrepentant, blood-drinking Satanist of winning the presidency in this country. Many a bleeding heart type are captivated by the rhetoric of the real life Mordecai Jones and they like the lemmings that they are prone to be were ready to follow the old goat right off the end of a cliff. Now, after Sanders basically planted the crown upon Hillary’s head at the first Democrat debate and then groveled at her feet there are some liberals who are crying foul.

Befuddled Bernie’s killer gaffe of granting Mrs. Clinton absolution for her email scandal took away what would have been a potent weapon for any serious challenger, one that only would have been squandered by an abject buffoon. But squander it Bernie did, to the extent that you really have to question both his sincerity as well as his sanity and longtime liberal columnist Robert Scheer is among those who are yowling like scalded cats after the debate.

Scheer inveigned against Sanders in his column at Truthdig “Bernie Blew It: He Sold Out Instead of Confronting Clinton”:

Bernie blew it. By embracing rather than confronting Hillary Clinton, Sen. Sanders fell into the trap of sellout mainstream politics, improving his personal brand as an appealing but ultimately non-threatening advocate for the downtrodden while studiously avoiding any suggestion that the smiley-faced woman standing next to him is deeply complicit in Wall Street’s rape of the nation.

In Tuesday’s debate he pointedly ignored the Clinton family’s role in deregulating Wall Street, and in doing so he allowed Hillary Clinton to cast gun regulation as the key issue that divides her from him. Forgotten was Bill Clinton’s selection of Goldman Sachs honcho Robert Rubin to be his treasury secretary, an appointee who with President Clinton’s complicity presided over the dismantling of New Deal limits on financial greed.

The Clinton family tradition of sucking up to Wall Street is why Hillary and Bill and the foundation their daughter heads have been rewarded with millions in lecture fees and donations that are the basis of Hillary’s rags-to-riches fairy tale. When she says she wants every child to have the opportunity that her grandchild has, that presupposes a father set up in the hedge fund business by Goldman Sachs chairman and Clinton buddy Lloyd Blankfein.

Sanders’ eagerness to forgive Clinton for any malfeasance in her email scandal was the debate’s most celebrated but disgraceful moment.

HBO’s smarmy Bill Maher also is piling on. He further tarnished the Bernie brand by repeatedly asking him to answer questions on exactly how he would fund his American socialist utopia. The Guardian reports on the capper of a horrific week for Sanders in the article “Bill Maher pressures Bernie Sanders on how to pay for ‘socialist’ measures”:

Appearing on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Sanders walked on stage to rapturous cheers from a traditionally liberal studio audience. Maher began softly, by declaring that he supported the 74-year-old independent Vermont senator for the Democratic nomination.

But in a surprise move, Maher then challenged Sanders to explain exactly how he would raise the money for policies such as universal healthcare and free tuition at public colleges.

Maher accused Sanders of merely “preaching to the converted” with his radical message, at large rallies that have won him between 25% and 30% of Democratic support in national polls.

On Friday night, Maher said: “The tax revenue that you would get just from taxing the people who I think your fans think you’re talking about, the people who own a yacht, doesn’t come close to covering what you want to pay for.”

Sanders looked surprised.

“Not true, not true,” he said. “There have been articles out there that have been really unfair and wrong.

“For example, what they are suggesting is that if we move to a Medicare-for-all, single-payer programme, which guarantees healthcare to all people, it would cost a lot of money. That’s true.

“But what they forget to tell you is it would be much more cost effective than this dysfunctional system we have right now, which is the most expensive per capita on earth.”

Sanders won applause. Maher responded.

“But it couldn’t even work in your home state of Vermont,” Maher said. “They were going to institute it, and the governor said, ‘It’s going to cost too much money. We just can’t do it. It would be the entire budget.’ That’s true.”

Sanders seemed unsure how to respond.

“No … well, it’s not…” he stammered. “I’m not the governor from the state of Vermont, I’m the senator from the state of Vermont …”

The Maher spot was absolutely devastating for Sanders – a man who can’t even stop butt-ugly Black Lives Matter activists from hijacking his own freaking speeches. His flameout may even do wonders in breaking the Scientology type of cult devotion that so many of his followers have been gripped by. But liberals being the naïve, silly-assed utopians that they are won’t give up on Sanders en masse just yet despite the simple and obvious fact that Deion Sanders has more of a shot at ending up in the White House than this dude does.