Former Hewlett Packard CEO turned “outsider” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina seems to have been erased from the political media these days. Weeks of non-stop hype, songs of high praise and puff pieces churned out by the weasels in the establishment media had successfully sold Fiorina as the designated slayer of Trumpzilla. She then delivered in front of an adoring and delighted home crowd – a pack of high-rolling Californians who supported her senate campaign – at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and was praised by the likes of RNC friendly pundits like Rich Lowry for surgically cutting off Trump’s balls. Now, with the next big debate less than two weeks away some may be starting to wonder whether Americans will be soon seeing her horsefaced picture on their milk cartons.

Carlymania will be remembered as nothing more than a blip on the bigger radar screen of the 2016 race for the White House. Her negatives are just way too high, she is a longtime party insider despite the false marketing campaign (worked for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012), was a corporate facilitator of NSA snooping and has been mocked by Clinton campaign operatives. Fiorina has always been a fraud and was only in the race as an attack dog to go after Queen Hillary in order to spare the rest of the field from the inevitable accusations of misogyny – they just had to roll her out early to go after the surprising threat from Trump instead. She now appears to have already passed her sell by date and is dropping in polls.

According to CNN “After post-debate surge, Fiorina sees poll numbers slip”:

A month after CNN’s Republican debate rocketed Carly Fiorina to the top tier of GOP contenders, her poll numbers are beginning to slip.

Fiorina’s polished debate performance — her takedown of Donald Trump, fluency on foreign policy issues and passionate criticism of Planned Parenthood — instantly elevated her in the eyes of Republican primary voters who have flocked to Washington outsiders this cycle.

“I think her rise was no surprise to people who have watched her in New Hampshire,” said former New Hampshire GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen. “Her exposure in the last couple of debates really put her on the radar with non-junkies.”

Fiorina rose to second place nationwide in the CNN/ORC poll immediately following the debate. But in the weeks since, her campaign has appeared to lose steam. A Fox News poll from mid-October puts Fiorina in fourth place, drawing just 5% support from Republicans.

But there is really no shock in the fact that her poll numbers are slipping, don’t forget that when the debates began she was relegated to the “kid’s table” along with losers like Lindsey Graham, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, Rick Perry, George Pataki, Rick Santorum and Happy Gilmore. It was only after her being touted as the “winner” of the FOX News undercard that she became an establishment media darling and was prepped to surgically castrate Trump in Simi Valley. Even her presence on the stage at the CNN debate was a hoax, she had to bitch and complain and the RNC and CNN had to change the rules to even let her in – it was the type of affirmative action that conservatives are supposed to oppose. But in the end, water seeks its own level and after a brief period of political superstardom the woman who ran H.P. and Lucent Technologies into the ground is back polling where she belongs.

The establishment hydra is now reconfiguring to find another way to save their golden boy Jeb!.