Donald Trump has won again. Cable television network CNBC quickly caved in after both the runaway leader in the polls as well as runner-up Ben Carson threatened to boycott the upcoming Republican party debate unless the length was kept at two hours. The participants will also now be allowed to give opening and closing statements, something that the network was against before being persuaded by Trump’s threat to torpedo their big spectacle and the record ad rates that they are charging. It was a win for viewers and may be a step in the right direction after the anti-Trump ambush that was presented by CNN and it’s slimy moderators last month. No one outside of the RNC, the GOPe and the hordes of highly paid consultants and pollsters that are employed by both benefit from a free for all format that more resembles a junior high school cafeteria food fight than a dignified discussion of the issues that should be of paramount importance to America.

CNBC’s lightning fast capitulation to Trump is reported by The Hill in the article “CNBC agrees to Trump demand on debate”:

A later report from CNN also said CNBC had agreed to limit the debate to two hours after calls to do so from Trump and fellow GOP candidate Ben Carson.

CNN reported that the Republican National Committee was calling Republican campaigns to tell them that CNBC had agreed to a two-hour debate with commercials. The network had suggested the debate would run for two hours, plus commercials.

CNBC would not comment on Trump’s tweet when reached by The Hill.

GOP candidates have been pressing for shorter debates after CNN aired a three-hour debate in September.

Cable networks have enjoyed blockbuster ratings from the debates, perhaps largely because of voter interest in GOP front-runner Trump.

Trump and Carson told CNBC that both candidates would skip the Oct. 28 debate in Colorado unless it was a maximum of two hours, including commercials, and included time for opening and closing statements from the candidates.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus indicated in a tweet Friday afternoon that the two-hour debate would include 30-second opening and closing remarks.

Really though, the best way to fix the debates would be to limit the number of bodies onstage. There is absolutely no reason on God’s green Earth why low polling also-rans should be included. This means that Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich and the amazing shrinking Carly should be sent packing. Only Trump, Carson, Jeb!, Chico Rubio and Ted Cruz have earned a spot – and you can probably include Ms. Fiorina as the obligatory affirmative action inclusion. It is just silly to continue to deprive legitimate presidential contenders of more time to make their cases out of some misplaced sense of inclusiveness to include babbling asses and doomed palookas.

The debate will take place on October 28 in Boulder Colorado.