Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan has submitted his list of demands that House conservatives must acquiesce to in order for him to assume the mighty gavel from resigning drunkard John Boehner. Ryan -who is a dead ringer for Eddie Munster – is the top choice of the GOPe establishment to assume control of the position that is second in line of presidential succession and will come in with a mandate to crush the troublemakers in the Freedom Caucus. While many rank and file conservatives simply adore Ryan – who went down with the Mitt Romney death ship in 2012 – they should exercise some real caution and be very wary right now. The former vice presidential candidate’s popularity is more the result of impeccable public relations than of real conservative credentials. Ryan played coy about the gig after the spectacular implosion of Boehner’s chosen replacement Kevin McCarthy (who also inflicted grave collateral damage by throwing a lifeline to Queen Hillary) but despite his ‘aw shucks’ act he is a ruthless and ambitious political operator who would snap up the Speaker’s job in a heartbeat.

He has been heralded by the media as the man who will save the GOP from itself but he is really a Trojan horse for the same special interests that owned Boehner lock stock and whiskey barrel. Now Ryan has presented a number of conditions that can be pretty much summed up as having the Freedom Caucus and other Tea Party Republicans bow before him, kiss his ass and agree to grant him total power as well as to change the rules in order to prevent any attempts to topple him going forward. The laundry list is summed up by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the article “What Paul Ryan wants in order to run for speaker”:

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan told his House Republican colleagues tonight that he will be their speaker — but only on his terms.

The Wisconsinite had been the subject of intense speculation for the past 12 days since Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy abruptly withdrew from the race to replace outgoing Speaker John Boehner, sparking a fresh round of leadership tumult. Ryan was reluctant at first, but goaded into the race by everyone from Boehner to the man who picked him as his vice presidential running mate, Mitt Romney.

Ryan wants the entire House GOP to unite behind him — from the arch-conservative House Freedom Caucus that helped force Boehner out, to the moderate Tuesday Group.

Ryan wants changes to House rules, agreed to by consensus, a key Freedom Caucus demand. But one of the rule changes Ryan specifically wants is to the “motion to vacate the chair,” a procedural gambit to knock the speaker out that some conservatives held over Boehner’s head.

The rules changes need “to include fixes that ensure we do not face constant leadership challenges and crises,” he told reporters.

Ryan wants to maintain his time at home with his family. He said he would spend less time on the road (translation: raising money) than previous speakers, “but I pledge to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message.”

The spending more time with the family thing alone should disqualify this RINO weasel from being considered – it’s not like these fuckers don’t get enough time off already and it is unconscionable to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for even more. But despite the attempts to force Herr Ryan down the throats of House members some are balking and calling what is basically a threat to blow everything up if he isn’t given carte blanche a “mafioso style” set of conditions which is being overly kind to a man with delusions of grandeur like Ryan. Not surprisingly Congressman Ryan has been goaded on by some of the worst scum in the establishment press including the obligatory virtual blowjob from neocon propaganda priestess Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post in which she challenged Ryan to destroy the Freedom Caucus once and for all.

Not only is Ryan’s ploy dangerous to conservatism and America as a whole but also to the very principles of a democracy that is already on the ropes thanks to Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s appeasement of our narcissistic Emperor Barack Obama. Anyone with any sense who isn’t totally bought off by the rotten to the core oligarchy, Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce and Corporate America should just say no to Ryan and his obscene attempt at extortion.

The ideological cornerstone of Paul Ryan’s political philosophy