The ramifications of Thursday’s congressional grilling of Queen Hillary’s pasty white ass continue to reverberate through the political world. The marathon hearing along with the at times nonsensical, rambling and moot lines of questioning has by all indications resulted in Mrs. Clinton emerging stronger than she has been since the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others. The harsh and sarcastic inquisition by some has allowed Hillary to play the victim and to borrow the title from a classic Rolling Stones song, there is now “sympathy for the devil” taking root with the general public.

The mainstream media has nearly unanimously declared Clinton as having “won” and the narrative seems to now be shifting to that where South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is leading a partisan witch hunt that is wasting taxpayer dollars to persecute the bitch. It’s one thing when the Washington Post editorial board and Rolling Stone magazine are blasting the House Select Committee but another when influential conservative pundit Eric Erickson is among the critics. Erickson, czar of the popular Red State blog as well as a Fox News contributor who rocketed to national stardom after banning Donald Trump from the Red State soiree after the phantom comments about Megyn Kelly’s vaginal blood flow, now is blasting what has turned into yet another dumpster fire for the GOP.

According to Mr. Erickson via his column at Red State “The Benghazi Hearing Should Not Be, But Is, A Waste of Time”:

The hearings are a waste of time because everything about it is politicized and nothing is going to happen. There will be no scalp collection. In fact, it is clear from today’s hearing that Trey Gowdy and Peter Roskam seem to be the only two people on the committee of either party who are capable of asking exacting, precise questions. Most of the rest of the committee just wants to grandstand for the folks back home as either prosecutors of or defenders of Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton too is far too bright to be trapped in this or any questions. There have been some, by Trey Gowdy typically, that have clearly caused Mrs. Clinton to be flustered, but the long term effects of that will be to make her a martyr to her own side. But the fact is, Democratic voters are not going to reject Mrs. Clinton even if she were to admit that she had flown to Benghazi and joined Al Qaeda in the attack.

The media, of course, has already defined this whole thing as a spectacle and witch hunt by the GOP to rough up Hillary Clinton. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments played into that and discredited this episode before it began in the minds of the press.

So we’ll go through today’s hearing and the GOP will think there were sterling moments of gotcha brilliance. The Democrats will think there were sterling moments of fundraising opportunity for Hillary Clinton. The press will ignore it all. And the 70% of Americans not on twitter or following the hearings today will go on with their lives.

It was all a political spectacle. God bless Trey Gowdy for trying to learn the facts and understand what happened. But the rest of it was just a carnival road show of back bench congresscritters playing to the cameras and Hillary Clinton working hard to play persecuted victim.

Erickson is right too. Thanks to the stupidity and arrogance of disgraced Speaker of the House to be Kevin McCarthy who boasted that Benghazi had damaged Mrs. Clinton politically, the entire thing has become a circus and any serious issues have been delegitimized by politics. Rather than use the investigative process as a vehicle for a sweeping condemnation of Emperor Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State’s insane Libyan misadventure and subsequent destabilization of the region, a handful of buffoons decided that it would be a good idea to hijack the process to promote themselves so that they can be reelected next November.

There are very serious questions that will forever go unanswered such as covert trafficking of arms through the Benghazi embassy. Weapons that would eventually end up in the hands of Islamist fanatics who have been cutting off heads and savagely murdering thousands as cut a bloody swath across the Middle East. Gowdy is scheduled to hit the Sunday morning bloviation circuit in order to do damage control today but why bother? The point is what when you find yourself in a hole just stop digging, don’t ask for a bigger shovel. The sooner that Republicans are able to move away from Thursday’s clusterfuck the better for their long-term prospects because continuing to beat what is now an obviously dead horse only benefits one person: Hillary Clinton.