As the classic British rock band The Who once famously sang, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” and despite nearly the entire fawning establishment media slobbering all over themselves that is precisely what it is going to be with Paul Ryan. Congressman Ryan, who is set to replace the weeping orange juicer John Boehner as Speaker of the House, is adored by conservatives who should by now be used to getting sold a bill of goods – remember that great 2014 mid-term election betrayal?

That Ryan’s biggest cheerleaders have been in the corporate media says a good deal about who he really represents and while this may be tough for many to swallow he doesn’t represent the average American workers who are busting their humps just to survive. This is why the new Speaker has just brought on a top Chamber of Commerce lobbyist as his new chief of staff. While the star-bellied Sneetches at the imperial city gazette aka the Washington Post have rolled out a puff piece to give Ryan a handy Andy and tout the credentials of David Hoppe the conservative blogosphere is screaming bloody murder as it well should over this latest stab in the back.

The blog the Conservative Treehouse, which has done a stalwart job in chronicling the GOPe and the strategy to put Jeb! into the White House posts that “Unreal – Paul Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Will Be His Chief of Staff…”:

With this announcement representative Paul Ryan is openly announcing his intention to destroy the conservative elements within the republican party. And yet again, its doubtful anyone will try to stop him.

The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, recently announced his intentions to eliminate opposition to their progressive big government positions and destroy fiscal conservatives (Tea Party).

Tom Donohue demands: approval of the TPP trade deal, continuation of ObamaCare, comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty, and federal education Common Core education standards.

Previously we explained how deep the tentacles of the CoC reach within the Republican party – SEE HERE.

Everything that the RNC-Wall Street-Chamber of Commerce Axis of Avarice desires is going to be given to them by the Republican “savior” Ryan, just as it was by Boehner who will probably settle all business before turning over the reigns. The big pigs who run the sty were dealt a setback when Kevin McCarthy self-immolated but they wasted little time in bringing in one who would continue the graft and looting that is symbolic of this rotten to the core Congress by immediately tabbing Ryan as their mole and the top wolf in the henhouse.

Politico reports that the big money interests are absolutely ecstatic over Ryan’s ascent in the article “GOP moneymen: Ryan a fundraising juggernaut”:

Paul Ryan has been abundantly clear: As speaker of the House, he won’t spend all of his time jetting across the country to keep the National Republican Congressional Committee flush.

But far from being concerned, top GOP moneymen believe the Wisconsin Republican will be a major boon financially for the party. The national network he’s amassed as a vice presidential candidate and from coordinating the national party’s spending in presidential elections give him advantages that even the highly prolific John Boehner didn’t enjoy.

“He has really strong numbers among the conservative community across the board, and across the country. He has deep, developed, strong relationships with some of our best supporters around the country,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.). “Frankly, I don’t know more than maybe one or two other members that have that level of relationships.”

“He’s kind of a fresh new product on the market, if you will, and he will be enormously helpful and successful,” Walden added.

Today the Washington Post reports that some members of the Freedom Caucus may be having buyers remorse over the appeasement of slimin’ Ryan and his “Mafioso style” list of demands that they caved to. Instead of the adulation of voters for quickly conceding to King Paul’s whims, many of their social media platforms have been flooded with accusations of selling out and a backlash may be brewing. But it’s too late to stop Ryan from assuming the mighty gavel at this point and any naysayers will be quickly and ruthlessly targeted in what will be a night of the long knives style purge of the rabble once Ryan is officially in charge.

Of course nearly all of our problems could be solved with a Constitutional amendment to term limit the bastards as well as a moratorium of several years before a departing member of Congress can become a lobbyist but that is never going to happen in this country.