James Holmes, the kill crazy bastard who plotted to slaughter hundreds of innocent moviegoers in Colorado back in the summer of 2012 was “welcomed” to prison in high style with the first of what should be many ass-beatings. Mr. Holmes, who horrified the nation when he invaded a theater showing a midnight premier of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and proceeded to fire into the audience – killing twelve and wounding dozens – is serving twelve consecutive life sentences for what is one of the most heinous and calculated cold-blooded murder schemes in recent memory. The mentally deranged former medical student got off with life in prison thanks to a pussy-assed, flaming liberal juror who was too squeamish to give the bastard the death penalty that he so richly deserved. However, he may not be getting off as easily as he might have thought.

The Denver Post reports that Holmes, who fancied himself as the cape crusader’s nemesis “the Joker” in the aftermath of his evil deed, was physically assaulted by a fellow inmate. As detailed in the article “Colorado prison officials confirm inmate assault on James Holmes in prison”:

The Colorado Department of Corrections has confirmed that an inmate assaulted theater shooter James Holmes and a security officer in the highest security prison in the state.

Holmes was not injured, officials say.

Mark “Slim” Daniels, 27, will be charged with assault on a correctional officer and an assault on Holmes, said Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections.

“Daniels and Holmes are both housed at CSP. The incident occurred during an offender movement,” Jacobson said.

Daniels lunged at Holmes, took a few swings at him a few times.

“It was in passing,” Jacobson said.

Holmes was in a Management Control Unit, where he is allowed to spend four hours in a day hall. Currently there are no other inmates in his cellblock. The contact came as they were passing in a hallway.

The Denver Post learned of the assault Friday through a letter whose writer claimed to be Daniels. He said the assault happened on Oct 8.

While the nation’s prisons are a fucking disgrace – a vast for-profit incarceration gulag that blows away anything that Stalin ever ruled over – and are filled to the brim with non-violent offenders simply because there is big money in locking folks up, there is a hierarchy inside the walls. Perverts and child molesters usually get what’s coming to them good and hard courtesy of other prisoners and they richly deserve it. Infamous serial killer and homosexual rapist Jeffrey Dahmer met his great reward while locked up – he was beaten to death near a toilet – and his killer was able to deliver justice in a way that the system never could. The scuffle that involved Holmes will be the first of many because not only do sick scumbags like him rank just a tad bit above the sex offenders, his notoriety will earn whoever beats – or better yet anally rapes-him props from the inmate population as well as from any decent person who loves to see vermin like him get exactly what is coming to them.