With a slogan more befitting for a plumber or handyman, John Ellis Bush has rebooted his presidential campaign. Seeking to polish the turd that is his lackluster, wimpy personality Jeb! hit the hustings in his home state of Florida to begin what is hoped to be an upwards climb from the single digit poll numbers that he has been mired in. “Jeb Can Fix It” is the peg upon which the former Florida Governor will hang his crown in a desperate attempt to remain the establishment’s go-to guy and repel the twin threats of Donald Trump and former protégé Marco Rubio. Bush III played to adoring crowds on his stomping grounds as he honed his act for the national stage – likely to be rolled out in next week’s fourth GOP debate.

The Tampa Tribune reports on Mr. Bush’s visit to the area in the story “Bush touts experience in pledge to fix America during Tampa stop”:

Trailing badly in the polls and all but written off by the pundits, Jeb Bush nevertheless promised an energetic crowd Monday he would win the Republican nomination for president.

“When the dust clears and the delegates are counted, we’re going to win this campaign,” Bush said as hundreds of fans at the Tampa Garden Club chanted “Jeb, Jeb, Jeb …”

In what his campaign has labeled the “Jeb Can Fix It” tour, the former Florida governor touted himself as the most experienced of the current crop of Republican candidates, and one who can break through Washington’s gridlock by “disrupting the status quo.”

“If you want a president who maintains the status quo, I am not your candidate,” Bush said. “But if you want fundamental conservative reform, reform that can be found in the record, not just the rhetoric, then I ask for your support.”

The new message and re-energized campaign come just over a week after Bush flew to Texas for private meetings with his father and brother, both ex-presidents, seeking a path to victory in a crowded Republican field. Prior to the meeting, Bush had significantly downsized his campaign staff and budget to save money.

Once considered a favorite because of name recognition and access to big money donors, Bush has failed to gain traction, pushed aside by political newcomers Donald Trump and Ben Carson. As Bush has fallen, fellow Floridian and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has risen to be perceived as the strongest establishment candidate by many observers.

The new speeches are peppered with plenty of red meat attacks against Emperor Obama and Queen Hillary (as well as Trump) but it’s not the message as much as the messenger that’s the problem. Jeb! claiming to be an outsider who will do away with the status quo is malarkey because his family has long been a part of that status quo. He is also terrible politician who unlike his older brother Dubya doesn’t exactly seem to be a guy that one would enjoy having a beer with. He also has to sell himself to voters in an election cycle where thanks to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s great betrayal of November 2014 the party base is sick of career politicians and insiders which is why Trump and Ben Carson are running way ahead of the pack.

It’s going to be a hell of a tough rock to roll for Jebbie but the establishment isn’t about to bail on a guy that they have so much invested in – not yet anyway.

Jeb! has also released a new e-book to coincide with the product relaunch: “Reply All” is a collection of emails (cherry picked of course) from his time as governor – you can score a copy on Amazon for 2.99 or 15.29 if you prefer the dead tree version.