The relaunch of the thus far miserable presidential campaign of John Ellis Bush isn’t even a week old yet and the floundering establishment golden boy is already the target of much mockery and scorn. Jeb! is attempting to portray himself as something other than the feckless wimp that he is by talking tough like boasting that he eats nails for breakfast as he tries to climb off of the canvas to do battle with mean old Donald Trump. The “Jeb Can Fix It” revival tour is already running on three flat tires and it isn’t looking good when his staff can’t even nail down the domain name. Compounding the trials and tribulations is his inability to even act like a fake badass when the cameras are on as is evident by his apologizing to the cheese-eating surrender monkey French over a barb that he used against Marco Rubio during the big Republican debate.

That’s right, Bush III is groveling and begging for forgiveness as is reported by Reuters in the story “Jeb Bush apologizes to France for workweek crack”:

Jeb Bush’s rebooted campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination included an apology to the French on Tuesday for making a joke about their work ethic.

“I made the mistake of saying that the Congress operates on a French workweek,” Bush told reporters in a deadpan voice while campaigning in New Hampshire, according to Time magazine. “I really did a disservice to the French.”

During last week’s debate among the Republican candidates, Bush had criticized one of his rivals, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, for missing votes, as well as Congress in general for working a three-day week.

“I mean, literally, the Senate – what is it, like a French workweek?” Bush had asked.

His comment drew a rebuke from French Ambassador Gerard Araud and emails from French journalists and was part of a lackluster debate performance for the former Florida governor.

“I now know that the average French workweek is actually greater than the German workweek,” Time quoted Bush as saying. “So, my God, I totally insulted an entire country – our first ally, that helped us become free as a nation. And I apologize. That did a huge disservice to France.”

So much for running on any promises to never apologize for anything America does because this dude is a big pussy – everyone knows that Columba wears the pants in the Bush hacienda – and as the old saying goes, a leopard can’t change it’s spots. Now granted that there was a bit of an overreaction to the frogs not getting behind the Iraq war back in 2003 when French wine was poured down gutters, the House cafeteria renamed French fries as “Freedom Fries” and Florida Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite was pushing a bill to exhume the bodies of the American war dead buried in France and repatriating the remains, but Dubya would never do such a thing.

Say what you will about Jebbie’s older brother – he could fuck up a two car funeral – but he had a set of stones, a personality and panache and he never apologized to anyone. While it isn’t looking good right now for Jeb! it’s still way too early to shovel dirt on his political grave, the big boys have invested heavily in the Bush restoration and aren’t about to bail on him just yet. Still, the guy has to put the kibosh on the self-inflicted wounds at some point in the fairly near future before his poll numbers reach the level of Lindsey Graham and the others at the kid’s table debates.