While months of relentless media slagging have finally produced that one golden nugget of a poll that the establishment can use as “proof” that billionaire outsider Donald Trump has peaked, they continue to pour it on. Flummoxed by Trump’s staying power, the smear machine must work 24/7 to carefully mine every tweet, interview and statement of the Donald to continue to throw shit at the wall to see what sticks with the public. The daily outrage mongers have seemingly settled on a series of tweets by the Trump campaign including one that features John Ellis Bush (and other Bush men) next to a – YIKES – image of a swastika.

NBC News wails in outrage that “Donald Trump Tweets a Picture of Jeb Bush Next to a Swastika”:

Donald Trump posted a tweet Tuesday featuring a Nazi swastika next to a picture of GOP rival Jeb Bush.

The outspoken candidate for the Republican presidential nomination — who recently lost his lead in the polls to Ben Carson — has come under fire for inflammatory statements about women and immigration during his campaign.

Tuesday’s tweet from Trump appeared to be quoting from — or a partial retweet of — a supporter’s message with a photo collage of anti-Bush imagery. In addition to the Nazi swastika, the montage featured an image of Bush in a sombrero next to a cactus.

Bush, whose wife is Mexican, has slammed Trump’s statements on immigration.

Social-media users were quick to zero in on the controversial imagery.

“Tweeting out swastikas and racial stereotypes to attack @jebBush. Very grown up,” one Twitter user wrote.

But the pocket media may be opening a big can of worms by squealing over this particular image because the Bush family really does have Nazi skeletons in their closet. It was Jebbie’s grandfather Prescott Bush who personally profited from his work and association with the Union Banking Corporation which was a conduit that helped to finance the rise of the murderous regime of Adolf Hitler. So egregious was their assistance and complicity in building the war machine of the Third Reich that UBC was shut down and had their assets seized by the government under the Trading With the Enemies Act in 1942.

Grandpa Bush and his company served as agents for Fritz Thyssen the German industrialist known as “Hitler’s Angel” who was indispensable in providing the financial backing for the Nazi war machine. While the Bush-Nazi links received no attention domestically in our neutered, corporatist media here is an article from the London Guardian “How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power”. Profiting off of the Nazi regime wasn’t exactly just a Bush family value either, many American corporations such as IBM did business with Hitler as well because to Wall Street and it’s operatives like OSS/CIA boss Allen Dulles had as much preference for profits over loyalty to America as the pigs who are robbing us all blind do today.

Trump’s tweet may induce the usual caterwauling by those whose interests are threatened by an outsider but the Bush-Nazi thing is well planted in the truth.