The Democrats are already testing out their Hillary Clinton defense system and DNC boss lady Debbie “the carp” Wasserman-Schultz is sitting behind the command console. The wild-haired south Florida shrew is practicing what will be the standard retort – unless horseface Fiorina somehow wins the GOP nomination – that will be used against Republicans during next year’s run for the White House. Schultz went off the chain after being called “crazy” and “neurotic” by public enemy number one Donald Trump and struck back in a predictable manner when it comes to vagina politics. The woman who has been tasked with rigging the Dem debates to only provide the illusion of opposition to Queen Hillary was so personally offended by Trump’s words that she quickly used them to smear the entire Republican party as being packed with misogynists.

The conservative website the Daily Caller reports “Debbie Wasserman Schultz Thinks Every Republican Is A Misogynist”:

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks Donald Trump’s “misogynistic comments” are “reflective of what the entire Republican Party stands for.”

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Thomas Roberts on Tuesday, Wasserman Schultz argued “if people show you who they are, you should believe them.”

Wasserman Schultz, responding to Trump’s comments from Monday when he called her a “terrible person” and a “highly neurotic woman” suggested, “Donald Trump has repeatedly shown Americans throughout his campaign exactly who he is, what he stands for and quite frankly, really is reflective of what the entire Republican Party stands for.”

“His misogynistic comments are obviously offensive but it’s really if you look down deep, the underbelly of the Republican Party positions on issues that are important to women,” the DNC chair claimed.

Wasserman Schultz then criticized the Republican Party for “their opposition to comprehensive immigration reform where now every single candidate running for president opposes comprehensive immigration reform. It’s, you know, when comments like that are made, you know it really doesn’t need much more comment. They speak for themselves.”

But as has been typical of the corrupt media when it comes to the Donald, his words were cherry-picked so as to portray him in the most negative light. What was left out is that the billionaire businessman praised Schultz for her negotiation of a “great deal” in regards the Democrat debates – a great deal for Hillary that is. The Trump be hatin’ on women attack has been implemented early and often as the actual primary season nears. This was used most effectively over the great Megyn Kelly menstrual blood firestorm where a phantom comment by the Donald was twisted by the GOP establishment and their media operatives to insinuate that Trumpzilla had suggested that the Fox News Kewpie doll was spraying blood out of her cooze like a body hacked up in a Rob Zombie slasher movie. It was effective for a short period (pardon the pun) but Teflon Don managed to survive and much to the dismay of the smear brigades is still leading in most national polls.

It’s not as though Wasserman-Schultz’s playing of the misogynist card is anything new or unexpected though, it is Mrs. Clinton’s mighty immunity talisman that will be invoked constantly to paint any of her critics as sexist – just like all of Emperor Obama’s critics are racists. Mr. Trump was spot on with his comments calling Hillary’s fixer “crazy” and “neurotic” as well as a “terrible person” but he left out one thing – she is a butt-ugly bitch too.