The upcoming Republican party debate has just lost over 300 pounds of ugly fat. In a blow to Sopranos fans everywhere as well to his own enormous ego, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has missed the cut for the main stage in Milwaukee. It’s time to start thinning the herd and Christie has no realistic shot at the nomination, his bullying, demagogic, loud-mouthed act may be well suited for Jersey but it is not going to sell nationally. Give credit to Fox Business for making the right decision and creating more time for someone who actually has chance at ending up on the ballot against Queen Hillary next year.

Reuters reports that “Christie, Huckabee fail to qualify for next week’s Republican Debate”:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee failed to qualify for next Tuesday’s prime-time Republican presidential debate, which will feature a smaller field of eight candidates, Fox Business said on Thursday.

Christie and Huckabee had both been on the main stage for the party’s first three televised debates. But they did not meet the criteria set by the cable network in which candidates needed an average of at least 2.5 percent support in the four most recent major polls ahead of the November 2016 election.

They will join Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in the “undercard” debate of lower-polling candidates, who were required to score at least 1 percent in any of those four polls.

Two Republican candidates who previously appeared in the undercard debates – South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former New York Governor George Pataki – joined former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore in failing to qualify for either of next week’s debates because of low polling numbers.

The eight candidates chosen for the main debate according to Fox Business’ polling criteria were billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who ranked first, followed by retired physician Ben Carson, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former business executive Carly Fiorina, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The previous Republican prime-time debates had at least 10 contenders on stage.

It’s a damned good start but the debates at this point should only include legitimate contenders of which there are only four: Jeb!, Marco Rubio, Trump and Ted Cruz. Ben Carson has zero chance of being the GOP nominee and Carlymania has peaked now that the mercenary media has removed it’s support – they only give the appearance of being there so the party can’t be accused of being racist or sexist. Doc Carson is a nice guy but outside of the GOPe that needs him as a counter to Trump and the evangelical base, he has no hope whatsoever of duking it out with Hillary in the main event. The hatchet woman Fiorina was brought in to go after Mrs. Clinton – and immunize the GOP against misogyny charges – but had to be unleashed prematurely to deal with the Trump problem, now she’s just a stage prop. The doomed John Kasich and the shrinking Rand Paul are going to be the next ones bumped and are on life support.

Christie and Mike Huckabee will join the “kid’s table” undercard in Milwaukee next week while chumps George Pataki, Jim Gilmore and Mr. Sunday morning television Lindsey Graham have been voted off of the island entirely.

Christie engaged in a bit of turd-polishing on his Twitter feed: