On Tuesday tens of thousands of low-wage, unskilled fast food workers took to the streets where they demonstrated and demanded a $15 per hour minimum wage. Democrats and in particular Queen Hillary – “I want to be your champion” – have seen prospective voters in armies of agitated and easily duped food service employees and have been egging them on for months. Having now found a winning issue that will resonate with people who normally couldn’t be bothered to get off of their lazy asses long enough to go to the polls, look for more Democrat demagoguery over the minimum wage before next November’s elections.

USA Today reports on yesterday’s demonstrations in the story “Fast-food workers strike, seeking $15 wage, political muscle”:

Fast-food workers demanding a $15-an-hour minimum wage walked out in hundreds of cities Tuesday, kicking off a campaign to muster the political power of 64 million low-wage workers in next year’s presidential election.

The walkouts marked the workers’ largest show of force in the three years since they launched a series of rallies to call for higher pay and the right to unionize, according to the advocacy group Fight for $15. The group is backed by the Service Employees International Union.

Tens of thousands of workers and supporters took part in rallies planned for 1,000 cities across the nation, beginning around dawn at McDonald’s outlets in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, among other locations. Protests also were taking place for low-paid home care, child care, farm, nursing home and other workers seeking to make their voices heard.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed a demonstration in Brooklyn, saying Fight for $15 has “changed this city, changed this state and changed this nation.” New York State has approved a law to gradually increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15.

It’s not exactly earth-shattering news that a bomb-throwing political parasite like Mayor de Blasio would be encouraging the rabble, Hillary still needs a vice-presidential candidate and Mr. Bill would just love the gig. The role of the Dems and the labor unions in fomenting this type of uprising is only going to end up hurting those who are suckered into walking off their jobs now in the hope of seeing their paychecks rise in the near future. Like many others have found out in the past, the Democrats may be championing their cause now but once the useful idiots have served their purpose and the votes have been counted they will then quickly be forgotten.

The industry isn’t going to just roll over either, having to drastically increase wages will result in higher prices as costs get passed onto consumers and they will also rebel by taking their business elsewhere. It will behoove them greatly if they do because the vast majority of what is sold in America’s fast food emporiums is greasy, bland, artery-clogging shit and eliminating it from one’s diet will have the side benefit of better health. There is also going to be an increase in just automating the jobs, McDonalds is in the process of implementing a new computer ordering system and Chili’s among others is rolling out tabletop tablets for diners to place their orders on. There are also prototype machines that actually cook the food that are currently in development.

There are already self-service checkout stands in many retail stores across the nation. My local Walmart neighborhood grocery store has them and they are great. It saves time and the upside to having to bag your own groceries is that no borderline retard is putting the potatoes in the same bag with the potato chips. It is all a part of the law of unintended consequences and those who are marching in the streets today will be tomorrow’s unemployed. I hate to tell the protesters this but even if they do manage to get $15 per hour they are still a pack of uneducated, unmotivated, low skill burger flippers and french fry dippers whose jobs could be performed by trained monkeys. The best of them may manage to work their way up to running the drive through window at some point but unskilled positions in an increasingly automated industry just aren’t worth fifteen bucks an hour let alone eight or nine.

Now I’m not one of the screw the poor, let them eat their own bootstraps bunch, but for God’s sake, at some point people need to find it within themselves to aspire to something other than churning out Big Macs and Quarter Pounders for a life’s vocation. I mean where is the self-respect? These protests are just more bitching to force hard working taxpayers to take it in the shorts to subsidize their lack of ambition in the land where everyone is a victim.