Politicians and big government fascists have been trafficking in fear-mongering and demagoguery since last week’s sick and bizarre San Bernardino terrorist attack and it is only going to get worse. Democrat tyrant in waiting Hillary Rodham-Clinton is using the old Rahm Emanuel maxim of never letting a good crisis “go to waste” by bullying tech companies into caving to the fed’s demands to do away with encryption. Breaking the backs of Apple, Google etc. has long been the Holy Grail for Emperor Obama’s NSA Stasi and the rest of the power freaks in the alphabet soup agencies and Clinton is just the next psychopath in line seeking to finish the job of gutting the Constitution.

According to computer news website Tech Dirt “Hillary Clinton Doubles Down Her Attack On Silicon Valley: Wants A ‘Solution’ For Encryption & Clampdown On Free Speech”:

A few weeks ago, we pointed out that Hillary Clinton had, unfortunately, joined in with other clueless politicians to call for “Silicon Valley” to “develop solutions” to the “concerns of law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals” on “encryption.” Anyone who’s followed the “debate” over encryption over the past year knows that asking Silicon Valley to “develop solutions” is James Comey’s codewords for “create a backdoor for encryption” — no matter how many times experts in encryption have explained to him that such a solution makes everyone less safe. After we and a few others wrote about Clinton’s unfortunate and dangerous decision to throw her lot in with those who wish to backdoor encryption, one of her main tech advisers, Alec Ross, went a little ballistic, insisting she did not say what she clearly did say.

And, this weekend Clinton apparently decided to double down and then go even further — even before President Obama suggested that he’d also support undermining encryption. First, on ABC’s This Week, she repeated the argument that we just need “the best minds” to “come together” and “deal” with this issue.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about Apple? No more encryption?

CLINTON: This is something I’ve said for a long time, George. I have to believe that the best minds in the private sector, in the public sector could come together to help us deal with this evolving threat. And you know, I know what the argument is from our friends in the industry. I respect that. Nobody wants to be feeling like their privacy is invaded.

But I also know what the argument is on the other side from law enforcement and security professionals. So, please, let’s get together and try to figure out the best way forward.

But, again, that’s like asking “the best minds” to come up with bullets that only kill bad people. Or books that only nice people are allowed to read. You’re asking for an impossibility, and in doing so, you’re making everyone less safe by undermining encryption — which is the key to realistic computer security.

Hillary and other unscrupulous politicians are interested in only two things: money and power. This is especially so with the power to imbue the totally rogue and unaccountable government with omnipotent godlike capability to see everything everywhere. The Feds already have been spying on tens of millions of law-abiding Americans with impunity and were unable to break up the San Berdoo ISIS groupie husband and wife death squad.  For that matter the Feds couldn’t stop the Boston Marathon bombing either yet it provided another chance for a power grab as well as a live martial law exercise. Forcing tech companies to roll over on encryption only serves to further empower the REALLY bad guys: the fascists in the government.

A previous piece from Tech Dirt “Hillary Clinton Joins The ‘Make Silicon Valley Break Encryption’ Bandwagon” blasts Clinton for using the Paris attacks to push for her fascist agenda:

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech yesterday all about the fight against ISIS in the wake of the Paris attacks. While most of the attention (quite reasonably so) on the speech was about her plan to deal with ISIS, as well as her comments on the ridiculous political hot potato of how to deal with Syrian refugees, she still used the opportunity to align herself with the idiotic side of the encryption debate, suggesting that Silicon Valley has to somehow “fix” the issue of law enforcement wanting to see everything. Here’s what she said:

Another challenge is how to strike the right balance of protecting privacy and security. Encryption of mobile communications presents a particularly tough problem. We should take the concerns of law enforcement and counterterrorism professionals seriously. They have warned that impenetrable encryption may prevent them from accessing terrorist communications and preventing a future attack. On the other hand, we know there are legitimate concerns about government intrusion, network security, and creating new vulnerabilities that bad actors can and would exploit. So we need Silicon Valley not to view government as its adversary. We need to challenge our best minds in the private sector to work with our best minds in the public sector to develop solutions that will both keep us safe and protect our privacy.

Now is the time to solve this problem, not after the next attack.

It does not. Weakening encryption undermines both security and privacy. There’s no “balance” to be had here. You want to maximize both security and privacy and the way you do that is with strong encryption.

Also, the bit about “Silicon Valley” has to “not view government as its adversary” is another bullshit line that has been favored by James Comey and others, who keep insisting that when technologists explain to him that backdooring encryption in a manner that only “the good guys” can use it is impossible that they really mean they haven’t tried hard enough. Once again, that’s not it. What pretty much the entire tech community has been saying is that it’s impossible to create such a thing without undermining the whole thing and making everyone less safe. Hell, here’s security expert Steve Bellovin explaining this pretty clearly. He goes step by step through why it won’t work, why it makes things more dangerous, why it will be abused, and why it will put us all at risk.

There is no substitute for diligent and relentless law enforcement work to identify potential terrorists AND THAT INCLUDES PROFILING! The ongoing failure to just say to fuck with political correctness and call a spade a spade not only continues to put Americans at danger from the Islamist extremists who are smart enough to exploit our piss poor counter terrorism efforts and want to kill us, but also to the domestic despots seeking to crush their political foes along with free speech and legitimate dissent. Do you really think that pigs like Hillary Clinton can be trusted once privacy in America has been chucked into the dustbin of history and we will all essentially be stripped naked before her throne?

This fanatical bitch is a menace to everything that this country is supposed to stand for and is infinitely more dangerous than Obama. Barry is incompetent, she isn’t and she is licking her chops to inherit the keys to the kingdom along with all of those surveillance powers so she can get some payback against that “vast right-wing conspiracy”.