In a bit of lighthearted news for a change, an aspiring young Florida burglar met with justice while hiding from police – courtesy of a very large and hungry alligator. The partially devoured corpse of 22 year old Matthew Riggins was found floating in a lake by authorities where the perp had sought refuge from police dogs and a helicopter while being chased last month. Brevard County officials have concluded that chunks of young Riggins were indeed absorbed into the food chain after an autopsy that was performed on the reptile came up positive for human remnants in it’s stomach.

The Orlando Sentinel reports on the end of his very short career as a professional crook in the story “Deputies: Burglary suspect hiding in pond killed by 11-foot alligator”:

A 22-year-old burglary suspect trying to evade authorities was killed by an 11-foot alligator last month, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies said Matthew Riggins drowned as a result of the gator attack. He was missing his lower extremities and part of an arm, according to deputies.

Riggins and another man were in Barefoot Bay to commit house burglaries in the late evening hours of Nov. 12 and early morning hours of Nov. 13. A resident called deputies around 2 a.m. to say the two men, dressed in black, were walking behind houses near Tequesta Drive.

Riggins and the other man were spotted on Royal Palm Boulevard, but they fled.

A K-9 and helicopter search were unsuccessful.

According to deputies, Riggins called his girlfriend to say he was being chased by authorities.

Riggins was reported missing later on Nov. 13 after he didn’t come home.

His body was found in a Barefoot Bay lake just north of Ocean Avenue Way on Nov. 23.

While sheriff dive team members were recovering Riggins’ body, they encountered a large gator “aggressively approaching” them.

The gator was trapped by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and euthanized.

“A forensic examination of the alligator located remains consistent with the injuries to Riggins inside the alligator’s stomach,” deputies said.

Fortunately for Florida taxpayers it is one less stupid criminal that they will have to pay to incarcerate and one fewer scumbag on the streets.