John Ellis Bush is doing what a typical elitist spoiled child of privilege does when he doesn’t get his way – he whines and throws a tantrum. Seeing his poll numbers frozen in single digits despite the proven Bush family brand name, Jeb! is bent out of shape to the point where he is now floating the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign is a Hillary Clinton sponsored false flag operation. It must really be tough to swallow polling at a rock-bottom 3 % but someone should tell Jeb! that there’s no crying in politics.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way for Bush III who was the choice of all of the really big influence purchasers seeking to get their guy into the White House but he like the rest of the GOP establishment have had rings run around them from day one by rock ‘em, sock ‘em Trump. The Donald effectively chopped Jebbie’s balls off by insulting his Mexican wife and his inability to do what any decent man would do – punch back hard – exposed that wimpy streak that outside of Dubya is embedded in the Bush family DNA. Jeb! has since been unable to gain any traction in the race and is now also being trounced by his ambitious young protégé Marco Rubio as well.

Mr. Bush served up the sour grapes as reported by the website Gawker in the story “Jeb Bush’s Last Resort: Donald Trump Is a Clinton Plant”:

Jeb Bush has suffered at the hands of Donald Trump, who has taken special glee in taunting all of his weaker opponents in the Republican field, but especially so the one-time presumed frontrunner from a previously untouchable political dynasty. Today, Jeb revealed what might be his final attempt at felling the orange beast: perpetuating the conspiracy theory that Trump was planted in the GOP race by the Clinton family.

This conspiracy is extremely delicious, though for obvious reasons not-quite mainstream. Still, the idea that Trump is purposefully sabotaging the Republican race has been percolating long enough that we covered it at-length back in August.

Yet, like just about every other counter-Trump attack, an affiliation with the Clintons has not proven to slow Trump’s momentum. In August it was revealed that Hillary Clinton had attended Trump’s wedding in 2005, but in a debate the day after that story broke Trump was able to deftly spin the association by essentially implying that he had bought Hillary’s influence.

Who knows if the Bush campaign thinks that throwing its weight behind this rumor will actually work, but, uh, it can’t be worse than whatever else they’ve been doing.

So much for putting on that shiny, bejeweled golden crown and fulfilling the Bush family presidential trilogy – second prize however is a shiny tin-foil hat and a big rubber pacifier to go along with it.