The Washington political elite and the corrupt oligarchy that foots the bill for their campaigns are singing Joy to the World over the miracles performed by new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin congressman and Mitt Romney vice presidential pick replaced the boozing and befuddled John Boehner and has drawn so much ringing praise from the establishment and their media that it is astounding that he wasn’t named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”. Ryan is the toast of the town for swooping to the rescue and avoiding yet another acrimonious battle over a partial government shutdown this week. He is growing a sexy new beard and even making a big show out of having dinner with Democrat weasel queen Nancy Pelosi.

CNN gleefully reports on the good tidings in the story “Ryan, Pelosi chat over steak and fries at Capitol”:

With days to go before a possible government shutdown, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sat down Friday night for a more than two-hour dinner in the speaker’s office at the Capitol, a source familiar with their discussions told CNN.

The source, who requested anonymity to discuss details of the private dinner, said the two leaders spent most of the time “getting to know each other” and not haggling over details of the spending bill.

Ryan and Pelosi dined on steak and fries from Medium Rare, the source said. And for dessert, Pelosi opted for chocolate over carrot cake. Ryan, an avid fitness buff, didn’t have any dessert.

A senior GOP source familiar with the discussion also stressed that the dinner was informal and not intended to strike a final deal.

“The speaker invited the leader over to get to know her better. It was more social than business,” the GOP source emphasized.

While angels may sing and even the hearts of the most cynical may be set aflutter, there is one big thing that needs to be understood about Paul Ryan and it is that the wave of media adoration that glows around him exists because he will cut the same deals as Boehner only in a less abrasive manner. While he has been able to accrue an enormous amount of political capital with the Republican base and was easily approved as Boehner’s successor, he is the ultimate stealth operator and he will likely be leading the GOP contingent in the House for a very long time.

The crafty Ryan – while not overtly saying so – has been one of the biggest supporters of the globalist, job-destroying monstrosity that is Obamatrade. He is currently very sneakily trying to cram through an expansion of big government surveillance powers and according to reports is sure to include a provision to fund Obama’s importation of Muslim refugees into the big year end omnibus bill. Worst of all he is going to be instrumental in the Holy Grail of gutting Social Security, a program that workers pay into all of their lives but thanks to years of propaganda that has successfully labeled it as an “entitlement” makes it vulnerable to being privatized and handed over to the con artists on Wall Street to gamble with.

The retirement age will continue to be raised, making it like that carrot dangling in front of a broken down old mule until it is out of reach for many until after they are dead. But Ryan doesn’t have to worry about it, he will be getting paid by the taxpayers for the rest of his life just like the rest of the crooks in Congress. All of Ryan’s goals are the big priorities of the Wall Street-Chamber of Commerce agenda to further depress American wages and increase corporate profits in an endless race to the bottom and they have vetted Ryan for years. You see, those things like campaign contributions and Super PACs are only different words for bribery, graft, money laundering and racketeering. Ryan is going to be a very, very wealthy man by the time that his work in Washington has been completed.

You would think that conservatives would be easily able to spot wolves in sheep’s clothing by now but some people just never learn.