Another day, another whining Washington Post columnist hating on Donald Trump, this time it’s Dana Milbank with his screed about how Trump supporters are allegedly calling him nasty names. Lots of establishment types aren’t going to be having a Merry Christmas this year with the Donald continuing to blow away the competition and dominate all but the most insignificant of polls. The WAPO has been the nexus of anti-Trump vitriol and the house propagandists in the editorial department have been as busy as Santa’s little elves churning out their bitter diatribes. Milbank though really outdoes himself by calling Trump supporters racists, bigots, misogynists and even Jew haters.

The piece is entitled “Trump brings bigots out of hiding” from which I excerpt the following:

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote: “Let’s not mince words, Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist.”

I cited a long list of incidents in which he targeted women, Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, Asians and the disabled. Here’s what I heard back from Trump’s defenders:

“Let’s not mince words,” somebody tweeted under the name Helios Megistos. “Milbank is an anti-white parasite and a bigoted kike supremacist.”

“[Trump] may well be a bigot and a racist,” one Michael Banfield wrote me via email. “But one thing is certain: The only thing missing from your photo is a [vulgar word for penis] in your mouth, gay bastard.”

Various Trump defenders derided Muslims as “Muzzies” and “Mo-slimes.” One reader informed me that “Muslims worship a man who f—– a 9-year-old.” They spoke of the “sociopath Hussein” – President Obama – and his “Islamic butt buddies.” But mostly they zeroed in on my Judaism, which they discovered from Internet searches. “You are a kike communist,” one informed me. Another called my girlfriend, who has a common Jewish surname, a “Gross Jewess.” Still another sent me a Nazi-style cartoon of a big-nosed Jewish man with a skull cap and bad teeth.

The desperation from the establishment and it’s presstitutes in the media has been palpable and rising along with the frustration that that they were all wrong when they underestimated the bombastic billionaire and predicted that he would fade months ago. Milbank invokes his Judaism in a sleazy and shameless manner that is consistent with the neocon narrative of Trump as Hitler. The accusations of anti-Semitism directed at Trump’s supporters marks a new low as do the comparisons of Americans attending his rallies to the Nazi Brownshirts which while not actually invoking the term “Sturmabteilung”, Milbank draws the comparison with this description:

My Post colleagues Carol Leonnig and David Nakamura and others have documented the racial violence at Trump rallies, including the video of Trump’s personal bodyguard punching an immigration demonstrator in the head. At a Trump event in Las Vegas this week, a Black Lives Matter demonstrator was dragged from the rally as Trump supporters shouted at him: “Kick his ass!” “Shoot him!” “Bitch!” and “Sieg Heil!” As one black protester was being removed by security guards, one of those in the crowd shouted: “Light the motherf—er” on fire.” As another protester was dragged away, a man screamed: “He’s a Muslim guy!”

The Post’s Stephanie McCrummen wrote a powerful piece this week about a Trump rally in Phoenix where a young man shouted “motherf—ing tacos—go back to Mexico” at two Latino protesters – and a 70-year-old retiree sucker-punched a demonstrator.

And where is the condemnation of this behavior? At the Las Vegas debate this week, Trump’s rivals all but ignored the front-runner, who previously said of a black protester at his event: “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Trump is burning down the Republican house, and the American house, yet his rivals are on a march of the narcissists.

It’s easy to mock the Trump backers. They write “your a damn lier” and complain that I use “the words bigot and raciest” and am “striping the context out of every statement” in my “New York Times” column. One Keith Terry Diggs called me “Dana FAGGETT Milbank.”

Milbank sounds like a whiny little bitch with his carping over the nasty emails and social media kicks in the nuts that he’s receiving but I would bet money that a professional douchebag like him was receiving lots of critical commentary beforeTrump came onto the scene. It’s just sour grapes served up with a big side of a persecution complex from a snobbish liberal media asshat. When you read horseshit like Milbank’s latest public crying jag it’s pretty easy to understand why most people hate the liberal/corporate media as much as they do.