In an epic outburst of weeping and gnashing of teeth in the state-corporate media after Republican party front-runner Donald Trump dared to say that Queen Hillary was “schlonged”, the Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank stands above his presstitute peers. The perpetually smarmy Mr. Milbank was already creeping towards outright hysteria when he wrote a piece whining about all the nasty things that he was allegedly being called by Trump supporters several days ago. Some of the names were anti-Semitic in nature which was the green light for the writer to invoke his Judaism in order to play the victim as well as to insinuate that all of Trump’s supporters were somehow the equivalent of the Nazi Brownshirts and now has gone completely batshit over the variation of the  Yiddish term “schlong”.

Milbank inveighs against Trump in his column “Oy vey! Enough of Trump”:

Zei Gezunt, Lindsey Graham.

The Republican senator from South Carolina had good reasons to quit the Republican presidential race, as he did this week. He had succeeded in his goal of making the rest of the field more hawkish. He avoided an embarrassing defeat in his home-state primary. And, in leaving, he is being a mensch.

Specifically, he is helping his Republican Party avoid getting shtupped by Donald Trump.

Or make that “schlonged.” Trump, in his latest bit of narishkeit, proclaimed Monday night that Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” by Barack Obama in their 2008 contest. Thus did Trump bastardize a Yiddish noun for penis (literally, serpent) by turning it into a verb in front of 7,500 people and millions more who would see it on TV.

Oy vey iz mir! What a putz!

With his man crush on Senator Lindsey Graham fully out in the open, Milbank can be counted among the sub-one percent of those who actually supported the Palmetto State princess in the polls before he threw in the crying towel his week. To claim that it was Graham who was able to make the GOP field more “hawkish” borders on delusional but John McCain’s butt-buddy has always been exponentially more popular with the media snobs than with the peasant voters. If he was only showering the dearly departed Graham with praise then Milbank could be excused as just another Beltway dwelling, myopia inflicted moron but his bizarre litany of derogatory Yiddish terms that pepper his screed are indicative of a much deeper psychosis over the rise of Trumpzilla.

Milbank goes on to wail:

My grandmother, were she alive, would have had a choice phrase for such a vulgarian: Shemen zich in dein veiten haldz. Literally, this translates as “you should be ashamed in your far neck,” but that doesn’t quite convey the deep contempt the speaker has for the schmuck who committed such a shandeh un a charpeh (shame and disgrace). Alternatively, my bubbe might have opted to give Trump some classic and colorful Yiddish advice: “Gai kaken oifen yam” — go defecate in the ocean.

Covering the insult-o-rama that is the Trump campaign is a soul-draining undertaking, calling to mind another Yiddishism: “Darf min gehn in kolledg?” (For this I went to college?)

But since Trump has started us on this tour of Yiddishkeit, it’s worth noting that Yiddish insults are custom-tailored for the overbearing and boorish gantseh macher that Trump has made of himself. He’s a shmegegi and a mamzer, a fabrecher and a nudnik with a lot of chutzpah (and a tuches un a halb). Sorry, you’ll have to look those up

And topping it all off with:

So why are so many other Republican leaders looking so farblondzhet (confused) and serving as Trump’s shnooks and shlubs while voters fall for Trump’s shvindel? Genug iz genug, Republicans: Enough is enough. End the shpilkes and tsores and settle on a responsible alternative who can cut Trump down to size with perhaps the greatest Yiddish aphorism of all: Du kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist.

You can’t pee on my back and tell me that it’s raining.

Dos iz alts. Danken Got.

The Washington Post and it’s neocon infested editorial board has become the very nexus of anti-Trump propaganda but the descent into sheer lunacy by some of it’s contributors is truly something to behold. Besides Dana “my mother gave me a chick’s name” Milbank’s Yiddish-peppered rant that would be more appropriate for the Jerusalem Post, there was the clearly racist cartoon that portrayed Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys. Cruz is nearly as loathed by the establishment as Trump – especially by neocons – but going after his children in a prominent national publication represents a new low for the WAPO. The paper was besieged with criticism for it’s poor taste and pulled the animated Ann Telnaes cartoon but the question remains as to why in hell it was signed off on by editorial board Grand Poobah Fred Hiatt in the first place. The family of a candidate should be off limits, especially young children and the WAPO’s sleazy attack on Cruz’s kids marks a new low for American media.

The primaries haven’t even officially started yet and one shudders to contemplate what sort of toxic filth will be belched up from the WAPO editorial board cesspool when they do.