Christmas came early for the fat cats when bipartisan savior Paul Ryan shepherded the oozing with pork, big government omnibus funding bill through his House of Representatives. Hark the herald angels in the media sang his praises and a smiling Emperor Obama soon affixed his signature to the bursting at the seams stocking full of pigshit and giveaways that as per standard practice regular Americans had zero say so in the matter. Ryan’s big Christmas gift not only contained all the usual graft and goodies for the special interests that own the government but also Obama’s long desired fascist cybersecurity bill as well as funding for refugee programs.

Whiskey drenched sot John Boehner never would have been able to get away with such a grand scam and the inability of principled conservatives to stop it show just how they have been tamed and made into Ryan’s House pets. But while the presstitutes and payrolled pundits were gripped by the throes of orgasmic rapture over Ryan and Nancy Pelosi having a private steak and fries dinner before the big sellout, not all was joy and good cheer in Whoville. Some conservatives who weren’t duped and neutered by the establishment’s big sales job of the Trojan horse Ryan are mobilizing to try to primary the bastard.

The Washington Times reports on the plans to primary Ryan in the article “Tea partyers fume over Paul Ryan’s spending bill, seek conservative challenger”:

Conservative activists are targeting House Speaker Paul D. Ryan for a primary challenge next year as retribution for the massive spending bill the Wisconsin Republican ushered through Congress at the end of the recent session.

The effort is spearheaded by Wisconsin tea party groups and pro-life activists, who feel betrayed by Mr. Ryan’s nearly $2 trillion package.

The spending bill avoided a government shutdown by surrendering on conservatives’ top priorities, including giving up the fights to defund Planned Parenthood and to block President Obama’s plan to bring at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S.

The hunt is on to find a suitable conservative candidate who can beat Mr. Ryan, who received 94 percent of the vote in the 2014 primary in his district, which sits against the Illinois border in the southeastern part of the state.

“There are people who are seriously looking for that,” said James Murphy, founder of Green Bay Tea Party. “There is a sympathetic ear to having someone beat him.”

The Ryan campaign team in Wisconsin has shrugged off the threats, treating them as mere talk in the absence of a viable candidate to mount a challenge in the district.

The effort is probably too little and too late to stop the ambitious former vice presidential candidate from another year of rubber-stamping the financial predators and corporate oligarchy’s radical agenda. Ryan is an establishment guy to the core and any attempt to topple him in his gerrymandered district would surely be met by truckloads of Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce money now that they have managed to have their favorite fox put in charge of the hen house.