In a textbook case of the ravages of dementia as well as a refusal to acknowledge that Democrats have “schlonged” the country, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to be possessed of the belief that he can appeal to supporters of runaway GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Now I realize that many who have just read this may have just choked on their coffee or perhaps even fell out of their chairs but it is absolutely true. The socialist cadaver whose winning strategy seems to be puckering up to kiss Queen Hillary’s pasty white ass every time that the two of them are on national television has gone totally batshit off the rails in thinking that he and not Trump is suited to lead the growing rebellion against the entrenched corrupt establishment duopoly.

The Guardian reports that “Bernie Sanders: I can win the backing of Donald Trump supporters”:

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Sunday that he believes he can boost his own standing in the race by swaying supporters of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s supporters to back his campaign.

Sanders told CBS’s Face the Nation that many of Trump’s supporters have legitimate fears stemming from income inequality that Sanders is best positioned to address.

“What Trump has done with some success is taken that anger, taken those fears, which are legitimate, and converted them into anger against Mexicans, anger against Muslims,” Sanders said.

“In my view, that is not the way we are going to address the problems facing this country,” he said.

Instead, Sanders supports a platform of bringing citizens together to push Congress to pass laws that address income inequality. He said that many of Trump supporters are “working class people and they are angry” because they are losing their jobs to overseas firms, cannot afford to send their children to college and are working longer hours for lower ages.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Sanders said Sunday morning that while there is a lot of attention on Trump’s rhetoric, the key issue is his policies.

Asked about Trump’s most recent attack on the Clinton campaign, suggesting that Bill “he has demonstrated a penchant for sexism” and shouldn’t campaign for Hillary, Sanders said: “The real issues are not Donald Trump’s vulgarity – and he is vulgar – it is the fact that Donald Trump does not think we should not be raising the minimum wage, he believe wages in America are too high,” Sanders said. “Meanwhile what he wants to do is divide our country between Latinos and Americans and Muslims and everybody else. That’s not the kind of America we need.”

Sanders does nothing to alleviate the suspicions of some of the more cynical on the so-called left that he has been nothing but a ringer to give the appearance that there is a legitimate contest instead of the DNC mandated Clinton restoration with his comments. Playing into the same line of attacks that have been unleashed against the Donald by the GOP establishment, the state-corporate media and the politically correct ninnies that Trump is a “vulgar” misogynist and a fascist who seeks to “divide” our country, Mr. Sanders shows that he is what Vladimir I. Lenin once famously referred to as a “useful idiot”. The parroting of the official anti-Trump talking points makes it evident that despite some differences in rhetoric that Senator Sanders is as snug as a bug in the rug with the jackleg con artists and hucksters who control the Democratic party.

Sanders’ was featured on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit today where he was given a rare national forum – McCain and Graham must have had holiday plans – to reach out to potential suckers voters but the establishment continues to fail to grasp that nobody with a lick of sense trusts the media anymore and this is especially so with Trump supporters.

You can hear the babbling straight from the horse’s mouth in Sanders’ interviews on Press the Meat as well as Face The Nation.