Liberal grievance mongers are just never satisfied. Not content to bray their disapproval at those who actually celebrate Christmas as Christmas, they are also pissing on the parade for Star Wars geeks. The long-awaited reboot of the decades running intergalactic struggle of good vs. evil, J.J Abrams’ “The Force Awakens” has shattered box office records and put a bug up the asses of Queen Hillary’s gender war storm troopers because Harrison Ford – reprising his Han Solo role – is being paid “76 times more” than the female franchise neophyte Daisy Ridley.

The Conservative Treehouse – a fine blog that has done awesome work on the GOPe “splitter strategy” and the war on Trump chimes in on the latest indignity in the mythical “war on women” in the piece
“Progressive Moonbats Aghast That Harrison Ford Paid 76 Times More Than Daisy Ridley…”:

Why, it’s the visible personification of the war-on-women. It’s shameful. The wealth is not spread. This is a terrible lack of Hollywood’s self-awareness and commitment to progressive values… or, well, something.

Who is Daisy Ridley? Don’t ask me, I’m not a big Hollywood follower.

But I had to laugh when seeing this story spread by the tender-sensibility generation. Raised amid a progressive culture where everyone gets a trophy for participation; the modern, well, college-aged, Elizabeth Warren leftists. Aka, Bernie Sanders supporters….

….”It’s just not fair“!

That an obscure young actress is being paid far less than the man whose performance is arguably one of the biggest reasons why what was at one time only thought to be a minor cult classic ended up being a cultural phenomenon that spawned a cottage industry that has since grossed untold millions is a no brainier. Mr. Ford parlayed his Star Wars role into a enduring career as one of this country’s most popular actors – he was Indiana fucking Jones for God’s sake – and his return in the first installment of the new trilogy is pure box office gold. Yet the whining about his being paid like a star is just typical of the era of victimization in which we live today and the spoiled brat pack with their sense of entitlement that they must be treated equally without putting in the effort to actually earn it.