In a column so breathtakingly off the chain that I had to actually rub my eyes to be sure that I wasn’t seeing things, the Washington Post editorial page has compared the two leading Republican presidential candidates to sexually transmitted diseases. You would have thought that the week after Editorial Board honcho Fred Hiatt had to publicly apologize for one of his staff cartoonist’s vile racist cheap shot depicting Ted Cruz’s young daughters as a pair of monkeys that his minions would have dialed it down a notch or two. But in neocon fairyland there are none more despised than Trump and Cruz and none more adored than Marco “for sale to anyone” Rubio and this latest eruption of despicable filth appears in a column making the case for the always eager to please South Florida cabana boy.

The piece – written by Paul Waldman – is entitled “Marco Rubio’s big problem – and his party’s” from which I except the following:

Believe it or not, the Iowa caucuses are just over a month away. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) — establishment darling and the cognoscenti’s assumed front-runner — is heading to Iowa for a bus tour, bringing along a shiny new endorsement from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, head of the special committee on Benghazi. Can you feel the excitement?

Probably not, which is why this is an excellent demonstration of Rubio’s problem, and the problem the GOP is facing as the actual voting approaches. While everyone waits for the voters to finally figure out that they ought to be supporting Rubio, the only candidate who at the moment looks like he might be able to defeat Donald Trump is Ted Cruz. From the perspective of the party’s fortunes in the general election, that would be sort of like being cured of your electoral syphilis by contracting gonorrhea.


If you’re a Rubio supporter, you’re probably frustrated with the fact that your party’s base seems stubbornly unwilling to recognize Rubio’s obvious advantages for the general election. By now, a vigorous debate about electability should have been in full swing, with Republican voters trying to determine which candidate would have the greatest appeal to independent voters and do best against Hillary Clinton. But that discussion has been pretty quiet, for the simple reason that the voters don’t seem to care very much. They’re angry about the state of the country and they’re fed up with their party’s leadership, so telling them that Rubio has more crossover potential than Cruz isn’t going to be all that persuasive.

Mr. Waldman laments the ambitious Rubio’s upcoming bus tour of Iowa (the Scooby Doo van must have been rented out) with the coveted endorsement from Trey Gowdy in his hip pocket despite the lack of enthusiasm among voters there. While the anti-Trump establishment hacks and their mainstream media lickspittles overwhelmingly praised young Marco’s coup, all that it took was a Trumpzilla Twitter blast to remind folks that Congressman Gowdy is the man who allowed Queen Hillary to slither away from justice and now is damaged goods.

What really steams Waldman though is that Cruz – or “gonorrhea” in the author’s terms – is that he is the only candidate who has a realistic shot at toppling Trump in Iowa thanks to his clout with evangelicals and a sophisticated analytic . Waldman who like every other elitist snob on the WAPO editorial staff just can’t fathom why a charismatic pretty boy who is “electable” – or in layman’s terms, a tool who will jump through flaming hoops for all the big money special interests – isn’t accepted without question by the uneducated, unwashed rabble outside the Beltway.

Waldman does have one thing correct and that is that Cruz really does lack the sort of crossover appeal on a national level to beat Hillary and would likely lose by a landslide – an establishment shift to Cruz would signal that they are officially running up the white flag of surrender. Rubio is also a sure loser although the GOPe would have an easier job in polishing that turd and he’s still young enough to run again in 2024. Trump – or “syphilis” – has all of the right intangibles to pull disenchanted Democrats in the same manner that Ronald Reagan himself once did. That however isn’t an option with Republican party leaders or their financial backers who would sooner lose the election than risk years of their ill-gotten gains by throwing their support behind a guy who actually wants to put America first. They can still get nearly all of what they want from the Clinton crime family even if Hillary gets to appoint the next three Supreme Court Justices, that may not sit well with Iowa caucus goers but it’s just swell in those smoke-filled back rooms where the real political power lies.