Marco the plastic Cuban is turning up the phoniness as he hits the hustings in advance of February’s critical contests in Iowa and New Hampshire but has met with mockery after prancing around in his new shiny black boots. The darling of the neocons and the last vestige of hope for the GOP establishment that the 2016 candidate can lure supporters of illegal aliens away from Dems this November is having a tough time in the polls, running well behind both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. So just like Queen Hillary dropping her g’s when speaking in the south, Rubio is putting on his costume and trolling for rubes. But the boots aren’t actually anything that a self-respecting Texan (or Iowan for that matter) would be caught dead in because they are hoity-toity expensive booties from an Italian designer that look like they would be more popular on San Francisco’s Castro Street than on Main Street in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo.

While Rubio’s silver tongue is able to fool a lot of people and his appeal to donors is largely based on his youthful appearance (“Kennedyesque” according to WAPO columnist Charles Kraüthammer) being able to distract from the flashing neon “FOR SALE” sign on his back the boots may have been a bit too much. The ambitious young pepperpot was savaged by his competitors who questioned his manlinessleading former John McCain operative Steve Schmidt to remark in a Politico piece that:

“They’re clearly trying to effeminize Marco Rubio,” said Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist who guided John McCain’s 2008 campaign. “Wearing black, high-heeled booties is not exactly a statement of masculinity. And this is not groundbreaking. The sartorial choices of candidates have long been used by their opponents to say something negative about a larger personality trait, sometimes to devastating effect.”

The mockery was effective enough that the temperamental egomaniac Rubio is pitching a bitch fit, wailing in indignity that he is being picked on unfairly while the world is burning. According to Politico Lil’ Ricky whined that :

“Let me get this right. ISIS is cutting people’s heads off, setting people on fire in cages, Saudi Arabia and Iran on the verge of a war, the Chinese are landing airplanes on islands that they built and say belong to them and what are international waters and in some ways territorial waters, our economy is flat-lined, the stock market is falling apart, but boy are we getting a lot of coverage about a pair of boots,” he said Thursday, grinning. “This is craziness. Have people lost their minds?”

The thin-skinned South Florida waxback is proving that he lacks the fortitude to ever be anything other than William Kristol’s latest masturbatory fantasy with his pissing and moaning about being made fun of over his booties. Everything has come easy to Rubio, that Senate seat (which he doesn’t occupy full time) only came because of his being Jeb’s protégé and that the establishment saw in him a vanity infatuated, malleable dupe. He also was able to benefit from the 2010 Tea Party led backlash against the Obama occupying government and suckered enough conservatives into voting for him before he quickly stabbed them all in the back by flip-flopping an illegal aliens and then flipping back again. If you are going to get so bitchy over being called out over gay looking black booties by your opponents during a political campaign then how in the hell are you going to stand up to ISIS, Putin and Hillary?