Each dawning day in America circa 2016 offers yet another glimpse at the abandonment of morality as well as the decline of western civilization. Take for instance the charming young woman who bit the finger of a South Carolina Walmart employee off when she was busted for shoplifting. 23 year old blonde bombshell Carolynn Wright was confronted in a Myrtle Beach Wally World while attempting to steal rubbers, joy jelly and panties and then went cannibal on Candice poor Lawsom who was trying intervene.

The website the Smoking Gun reports on this dispatch from the front lines in the war on human decency in the story “Cops: Shoplifter Bit Off Walmart Worker’s Finger”:

A South Carolina woman who was convicted last year of clobbering a fellow strip club employee over the head with a stiletto shoe was arrested yesterday after she bit off the finger of a Walmart employee who tried stop her from shoplifting condoms, lubricant, and panties, police charge.

According to cops, Carolynn Wright, 23, was confronted Sunday afternoon by a pair of loss prevention officers as she exited a Walmart in Myrtle Beach. The workers, police noted, approached Wright “after they observed her conceal merchandise.”

Wright tussled with the two female Walmart staffers, punching one woman in the head, “causing bleeding around her left ear.” Wright then bit down on worker Candice Lawsom’s finger, “causing a portion of [Lawsom’s] finger to be bitten off.”

When a Walmart customer dropped her phone as she sought to dial 911, Wright grabbed the phone and would not return it. During a subsequent struggle, Wright pulled the hair of the shopper, who responded by punching the suspect in the face.

When police arrived at Walmart, they noticed “a piece of a finger” belonging to Lawsom. The finger, which was then rushed to responding EMS workers, “was not able to be reattached,” according to cops, who noted that Lawson “required stitches.”

Wright was arrested after cops pulled her from a minivan in the Walmart parking lot. The car’s driver, a 71-year-old man, told officers that Wright had gone into the store “to make a purchase,” and that when she returned to the vehicle, she directed him to “Drive!” The man added that while “there was someone standing in front of the vehicle blocking his way,” Wright again demanded that he “Drive!”

You just can’t make stuff like this up.