In a sign of disrespect for their elders that is probably being repeated nationwide, a pack of young Black Lives Matter activists have hijacked a Denver rally to promote their own agenda instead of honoring the slain civil rights leader. With today being a pseudo national holiday – everyone who has a job has to work with the exception of the government, the post office and banks – that is ostensibly set aside to pay tribute to the slain Dr. King it is a sign of the times that petulant, mouthy, self-centered troublemakers would exploit the opportunity to promote their own agenda at the expense of the man who is supposed to be remembered. They may as well just walk up to his grave, drop their baggy-pants and take a big stinky dump on it.

The Denver Post reports “Black Lives Matter protesters disrupt Denver MLK events”:

Protesters from Black Lives Matter led Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Parade into Civic Center park Monday.

They carried a banner with the names Marvin Booker and Michael Marshall, both black men who died while being restrained by deputies at Denver’s Downtown Detention Center.

At the park, they took over the stage even though they hadn’t been invited to speak. One protester who was allowed to speak urged the crowd to chant “release the tapes” in reference to jail video that captures Marshall’s restraint by deputies.

Later, the protesters jeered when Denver Mayor Michael Hancock spoke.

It was a breach of decorum by a pack of punks that could only have been exceeded the poor taste factor had they brought in Cincinnati Bengals thug Vontaze Burfict, given him the key to the city and a case of malt liquor and driven him around the park in a glitter festooned Cadillac for his role in contributing to the Denver Broncos’ 23-16 playoff victory on Sunday. Dr. King is probably rolling over in his grave. Were they to truly want to honor King they would get behind a movement that transcends race and fights for equality for all, the elimination of poverty and an end to war but that ain’t gonna happen.

And these lowlife scumsuckers wonder why they are viewed with disgust my the majority of Americans?